The “Ax” of the Apostles: How One Little Word Can Make a Big Difference

The “Ax” of the Apostles

The “Ax” of the Apostles

Then He opened their minds to understand the scriptures.  Luke 23:45

It was confirmed once again this week that being a first grade teacher has got to be one of the greatest jobs on the planet!!  My little lovelies proved a very important point this week.  They illustrated how essential it is to be curious, seek understanding and not be afraid to question.

During a religion lesson on Tuesday, I was reading from the Acts of the Apostles and we were talking about how the early Apostles were treated horribly by people who didn’t believe in Jesus.  We were in the middle of a great lesson on discipleship and being brave enough to profess our faith and stand up to defend Jesus when a little lovely raised his hand and said, “Ok, wait a minute, I thought the Apostles were good guys.”  I confirmed that they were and asked what he was thinking and he said, “Well I don’t think they were so great.”  In a puzzled voice I said, “Tell me what you’re thinking” and he looked right in my eyes and said “Well if they were so great, why did they go around chopping up stuff and people?”  I was stumped and asked him to tell me more and then as he talked the light went on…the little lovely thought I was reading from the AX of the Apostles.  Once we cleared that up he was able to look at the Apostles in a whole new way.

As I look back on Tuesday’s lesson, I continue to giggle and be amazed at the power of one little tiny word!  I’m so glad my little lovely asked his question and didn’t continue to believe the Apostles were like villains on a rampage!  I was humorously reminded of the power of words.  We have such power to build up and tear down with the words we speak.  I was also reminded that God’s word has enormous power as well but just like my little lovely, we don’t always have a clear understanding of all the words.  The lesson from the small ones this week is; seek to understand.

More times than I can recall, I have heard people say they don’t read Scripture because they don’t really understand it.  Some will say it’s so full of names and places that have no clear meaning they simply get frustrated and put it down.  I’m gonna be completely honest and admit there was a time when I felt the same way.  I’ll splash you with a little more honesty and say even now, I’ll sometimes read a passage and have to re-read a couple more times trying to find a clear meaning.  I think the important thing is that we read His word and we remember the words from Luke’s Gospel and know that if we ask Him for understanding, He will open our minds.  Another beautiful thing about spending time in Scripture is when we sincerely ask Him to touch our life with His words; we can read the same passage again and again and receive new blessings and understanding from the same words.  There are dozens of study Bibles and resources to help you unlock the treasures found in God’s Word.  When we have big decisions to make these days it’s all too easy to go to google for information…I’m going to suggest we go somewhere else first…Google God…right in your Bible.  Ask Him to open your mind and open your heart so it will be ready for the truth and the love dripping from every page of His Holy Word.

A Seed To Plant:  Spend time reading God’s word this week.  If you have a burning question like my little lovely did this week, I challenge you to ask it and clear up your understanding!

Blessings on your day!

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  1. That’s so cute! I’m glad you gave him enough time to explain what he was thinking so he could be corrected. Probably he’s not the only one who was thinking that!

    • You are exactly right! The kids remind me every day to be patient and ask questions. When we get in a hurry and assume we can miss so much! Blessings on your day!

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