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If you’ve been following our week of Small Steps as closely and with as much delight as I have, then you’ll be especially excited to hear about what we have up our sleeve this week…

This week’s giveaway:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms Book Giveaway

Small Steps for Catholic Moms: Your Daily Call to Think, Pray, and Act

By Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss (Ave Maria Press, 2013)

About the book:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms offers daily prompts and suggestions–small steps–for every day of the year to encourage Catholic moms to attain that elusive balance between action and contemplation in everyday life. Each day’s entry includes a short prayer from a saint, a personal prayer composed from the hearts of two mothers, and a small call to action, making this the perfect prayer companion for the busy mom looking for bite-sized spiritual nourishment.

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About Author

When she’s not chasing kids, chugging coffee, or juggling work, Sarah Reinhard’s usually trying to stay up read just one…more…chapter. She writes and works in the midst of rural farm life with little ones underfoot. She is part of the team for the award-winning Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion, as well as the author of a number of books. You can join her for a weekday take on Catholic life by subscribing to Three Shots and follow her writing at Snoring Scholar.


  1. I’d love to share this book with my sister & several of my friends. It’s going on my Christmas shopping list righty now.

  2. I will share this book with my daughters, because they may be busy moms someday too. I love to have things to use to help out my spiritual life that don’t take too long, so they fit in my busy day.

  3. I have the 2010 version of this book & I love it!! Each day’s “Think, Pray, Act” is short enough to read quickly but profound enough to encourage me as I begin my day. I would love a copy to share with a friend!

  4. I heard an interview with the authors on my local Catholic radio station this week. I’d love to have a copy and keep it for my girls. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  5. How would I love this in the words of Roger Rabbit , let me count the ways, one one thousand, two one thousand, ……

  6. This looks like another awesome book from Catholic Mom! I’d love to share this with other moms in my life.
    Not sure if I can enter to win again as I just won but this is definitely on my ‘to get’ list! 🙂

  7. I would love to share these books with my bible study friends. We are a bunch of young, busy, stay-at-home moms and could easily use something like this in our day!

  8. in any way i can i am encouraging and affirming mothers, especially those with newborns and small children, a sometimes challenging transition between adult communicating and trying to understand what the young child is trying to say

  9. I really hope I can win this book. They read an entry from it on Thursday on Teresa Tomeo’s show. I think it would be very helpful in my daily life.

  10. I’ve heard so many good things about this book, I’d love to have one! Plus I’d like to share it with other moms. 🙂

  11. Christy Purnell on

    I would use this book for myself, because I really would like to grow in the virtues that the authors have described as relevant for mothers. I heard about the book on Teresa Tomeo’s “Catholic Connection” show and became interested in it. I also know many of my homeschooling mom friends would find such a book to be useful.

  12. I have already put this book on my want list. I really struggle with balancing being a stay at home mom and finding time to be with God. I’ll share this book with a close girlfriend.

  13. Love Danielle’s and Elizabeth’s styles and would so enjoy and benefit from the book! so many Catholic Mom friends who I;d love to share and discuss with.

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway, Sarah! I usually avoid the rafflecopter entries b.c they seem so time consuming, but this is a don’t miss…did all of the above…….
    Thanks and have a great day!

  14. I have two daughters expecting their first babies, our first grandchildren. I will definitely be getting this book for both girls!

  15. Heather Fewell on

    I would love to share this book with a few friends I have made at church and use it myself. I feel that it would be a great addition to my morning prayers/routine for inspiration

  16. What a great book to share with other moms … Because we all need some inspiration and encouragement, as we walk this journey!

  17. Looks like a perfect way to add daily prayer and reflection to a busy day. Will read first, then pass it on! Thank you for the chance to win:)

  18. This book would be such a blessing! My husband and I are working more and more each day to raise our little boy (and future babies) fully in the faith. I would love to be able to share it with my mom, aunts and other mom friends!

  19. Matthew Kelly says, “tell me the books you will read in the next 12 months and I can tell you how your life will change.” This books looks like a great one to add to my list to read.

  20. Would love to share this with my neighbor who is learning about faith and a new stay at home Mom who is struggling. Thanks for the chance:)

  21. Maureen Murphy on

    I know a couple of moms whom I could share this with. Small steps has been a bit of a mantra for us this year.

  22. What a fantastic opportunity. The more chances we have to grow as Catholic mom’s the better our kids will grow and the brighter the future will be. 🙂

  23. I know a number of moms who would benefit from a book like this and I’d love the chance to share this with them. I am interested in winning because as a busy mom of 6, a college student, a wife and part time employee, I need all the help I can get finding moments to ‘think, pray, and act!’

  24. Kristin Koglin on

    In addition to myself, I know a lot of mom friends who would love this book! Plus, helping in Rel. Ed. and youth group, there are a lot of other moms I know who would benefit.

  25. I would love to share this with my homeschool friends! We have a huge community & support system down here and are all striving for the same goal; helping each other to attain it! As a homeschooling mother of seven, a wife of a theologian, and an artist/ iconographer, trying to put even one step forward has been difficult. When do I have time for silence with Christ?!

  26. Really looking forward to this book! I was so glad to hear it would be republished. I have a moms group at church and I would definitely share with those ladies!

  27. I can think of a bunch of Moms at my kids’ school that would love to read this. I know I want to read it! Small steps are about all I can manage some days!

  28. Christina mcintosh on

    I could really use it. As a mother of for great children (9, 7, 5, & 4) working full time, sometimes it gets a little hectic.

  29. I miss so many opportunities to practice and share my faith while tending to the many details of motherhood. I’d love to have this book to help me find the time to focus on the big picture within the little moments.

  30. I have this book on my wish list. It would be wonderful to own this book and to share it with others as well. I’m looking forward to learning more about Catholic motherhood.

  31. I have a few moms that I would share this book with. I have two daughters, ages 7 & 3. We always try to teach “stop, think, & act”….I would love to learn/teach “Think, Pray, & Act” as well. I want to lead by example that God and “Church” aren’t just something we reserve for Sunday mornings.

  32. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews, my favorite of which is that the book automatically presumed that we will fall off the wagon. I hope I’m not alone in saying that this is just a given in my prayer routine. Thanks for knowing what speaks to a frantic mom! 🙂

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