Cultivating a Spirit of Clothes Detachment

Cultivating a Spirit of Clothes Detachment

Cultivating a Spirit of Clothes Detachment

Many months ago I came across this blog called Project 333.  The general idea is to have thirty three items of clothing for three months.  These thirty three items do not include underwear, work-out clothes or nightclothes plus a few other things.  So one weekend when my husband was away I went through my closet and drawers and purged my wardrobe. I kept only those things I really liked, fit well and were in good shape.  Then I separated my clothes in the closet into two sections; the ‘to wear’ section and the ‘not to wear; section.  I didn’t follow all the suggestions, mainly those in regard to shoes and jewelry. With the shoes, I didn’t see any point in boxing up my shoes that didn’t match the clothes so I just left them in the closet.  Also, in terms of storage, it is suggested that you actually box up the clothes you will not be wearing to avoid even looking at them, but I didn’t think it would be a problem for me and it wasn’t it.

It was easy to get dressed in the morning before work.  I have the kind of wardrobe where most of my tops and skirts match, especially my summer clothes.  I made a few dresses and I was set.  Now that it is September I need to get in there and swap my lighter colored clothes for the darker ones.  Plus, some of my clothes are too big and I’m ready to part with them.  I’d rather make new clothes than alter old ones.

It was easy to live with a smaller number of clothes.  In the end, most of us tend to wear the same outfits over and over so why not de-clutter your wardrobe?  You will gain time to focus on other things, save money because you are not buying clothes just to have them or because they are on sale, and simplifying your wardrobe can give you a certain detachment from self and stuff that is good for the soul.

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