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You know what excites me? The fact that I put out a call for Catholic bloggers and am backlogged for months because of the enthusiastic response.

Since we started this interview series back in June, I’ve gotten to know a few of my blogging friends better and I’ve met quite a few more. It’s been a great way to connect and share.

And today’s Catholic blogger is the kind of young man who makes me grin. He’s on fire and he sees blogging as the way to share his fire. Dominic Cassella blogs at the Society of Saints Peter and Andrew, which is…well, it sort of defies my ability to explain it. It’s like blogging 2.0 (written from an old school blogger here). See if it doesn’t make YOU grin too.

You’ll also find Dominic all over social media: in addition to his website, he’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

So, my friends, let’s get to know Dominic Cassella, shall we?

Tell us about your blog in five words or less.

Breathe with both lungs.


Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I wanted to offer something to the world that wasn’t out there. After reading Blessed Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Ut Unum Sint, where he says and tells us that the church must learn to breathe with her two lungs, I was motivated. In this motivation I began the Society of Sts. Peter & Andrew. A Society that would help unite the Eastern and Western Rites of the Catholic Church by presenting the Saints and Scripture Readings of the Day for both eastern and western lungs.

Why do you keep blogging? What’s your inspiration to continue?

I keep blogging because in my understanding, if something is divided how can it conquer? In other words if the church is divided among its own rites and catholics (which it certainly is) how can it evangelize to the Orthodox, the Anglicans, the Protestants, or anyone? My inspiration comes from not only Pope John Paul II, but Christ, Himself, and our Lord’s words in John chapter 17 verse twenty-one “That they may all be one.” However, I know if we evangelize (especially to the orthodox) many topics can be ignored or cause significant trouble and the cause of these “speed bumps” is the lack of communion between the Eastern & Western Catholic Churches. So that is what I want to help strengthen.

catholicblogger-dominic Cassella

When you think of the New Evangelization as a Catholic blogger, what excites you? What makes you want to continue?

  1. What excites me about the New Evangelization is the possibility! The fact that all the answers to apologetics have been at my fingertips and I have been able to read and listen to talks from all over the world. What excites me is that with this New Evangelization Christ will emerge as the truth, and the only ignorance remaining will be, in essence, willful ignorance. And that is because the world of information is now at almost everyone’s fingertips.
    What makes me want to continue is to achieve this goal. To become a tool for the Holy Spirit to use so that our Lord accomplishes what He wishes through me. With the New Evangelization, and especially now with Pope Emeritus and Pope Francis, a strengthened bond between East and West, and perhaps a full unification between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, is the closest it has been since 1024! This is what makes me want to continue.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your blogging?

I have received emails from people all over the world thanking me for the work God does through me. I have had letters from Tennessee to Pakistan to Kenya and Ukraine. This unification, that is what is most rewarding. To actually see the Church come closer to being One. That is what is most rewarding.

In your spare time, what are we likely to find you doing?

Working, studying, praying, spending time with family and friends.
I am a student in college, I just finished my freshman year, and this August I will be leaving to work at Northridge School Mexico in Mexico City to help develop their K-8 reading program. I also run the twitter and google+ account for Ecumeny (@Ecumeny). I also love to visit parks and relax listening to some classic chill music (Bob Dylan, Rodriquez, Cat Stevens, Elliot Smith).

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