Two New Classics Bring the Bible to Life for Your Child

David Battles Goliath

David Battles Goliath

The Beginner’s Bible, presents David Battles Goliath. This version depicts the traditional story of David and Goliath in a vibrantly illustrated children’s version. Simple and easy to read, the book brings to life the essence of the story of David and Goliath. Children will love the bold, colorful illustrations and will be engage as they read (or as they listen to) the story. The moral of the story comes through in a manner that children will connect to and carry over into their daily lives. Reading David Battles Goliath will become a childhood favorite!

A Queen Named Esther

A Queen Named Esther

Also new from The Beginner’s Bible is A Queen Named Esther. This traditional story is beautifully illustrated. Children will love this captivating children’s version of A Queen Named Esther, which tells the story of God’s love and how He chose Esther to carry out his will. This book is enchanting and inspirational. Easy to read, this book will capture your child’s imagination with its colorful illustrations. A Queen Named Esther is another great additional to your child’s library!

Order David Battles Goliath and A Queen Named Esther by clicking on the titles here and support with your purchase.

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