Five Minutes Alone and Small Steps, Day 7: Humility


As we reflect on theme of humility today with the Small Steps Tour, we thought we’d take a moment to also highlight some of the humorous ways moms grab five minutes.

Today, meet Grace.


Grace makes me laugh. Hard. A lot. And you know…it’s humility the way she bares herself to the world. (It may also be her sanity, and I don’t mind that either.) There’s something to be said for the humility that lets some people crack the rest of us up: they make themselves vulnerable and, as we laugh, we realize that we, too, can also be vulnerable. Or that we can, at the very least, toast our coffees in their direction.

Now, if you haven’t already join us at The Back Porch for some Small Steps. And don’t forget to enter the “Five Minutes Alone” contest that’s going on as part of our blog tour!


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