The iOS7 Upgrade: Improvement or Disappointment?


iOS 7 – Is the upgrade a big improvement or a big disappointment?

I have an iPhone 4 and I was a little worried about putting iOS7 on it because if I blow up my phone I still have a year before I can replace it. So I was reluctant to switch over to the latest and greatest iOS. I was worried that my phone was too old.

I researched and looked into it and found that my phone was just new enough to take the upgrade. But still, I hesitated for another weekend. Finally, curiosity got the better of me so I took the plunge, and what I found was wonderful.


The first thing that I noticed was how much more room I had on my phone.

I did my upgrade while plugged into iTunes on my computer.  I highly recommend doing this upgrade while attached to your desktop or laptop, and you will definitely want to have a fresh backup.

I backed everything up to my computer hard drive and then pulled off enough of my apps to make room for my upgrade. The whole process took about 40 minutes, including backing up my data, moving 597 pictures of my grandson, and temporarily removing 29 apps.

Don’t worry. If you make room, you won’t be sorry. The 2.9 GB that you need for the update is not completely used up once you finish and what I left on my phone took up less space than it had before.  When I began the upgrade I had 2.9 GB of space. When I finished, I had 3.2 GB of space.

When I got my phone back it was like I was holding a new device. Everything moves much more quickly. The screens are cleaner and brighter. Even with all the apps back on my phone, everything is quicker to load and quicker to respond, too.  The biggest change is the necessity of a lock code to open your phone up.

In three words: I love it!

Not everyone does, of course. I have friends who upgraded on the first day that iOS7 was available and want iOS6 back. I guess there were a couple of bugs that Apple fixed quickly. The version I have is 7.0.2 so if you upgraded early, you may want to check for bug fixes.

So iOS users, what’s your take? Do you like iOS 7? Why or why not?

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  1. This is good to know! I also have an iPhone 4, so I had similar concerns. I’m overdue for an “app cleanout” anyway, so I guess I should just figure out which apps just don’t ever get used, and then back the phone up and take the plunge. Thanks for the info.

  2. I can’t stand most of it. Mostly appearance issues, but those really bother me. I don’t like the way they have “lightened things up”…color-wise, it looks like a little child’s phone, and appears to look very “android”. I don’t like what they’ve done to the calendar…I really liked just having a list of my day, now they mark it off in blocks of time and I can’t see the whole day just at a glance. Too much scrollling through to see what is going on that day. I don’t like that I can’t seem to “close” all my apps…like before, you could double-click the round button, and everything would appear at the bottom, and I could close them out. Now I can’t, and I’ve noticed that my phone uses more battery every day than it did before. I don’t care for what they did to weather, either. Like I said, most of what I don’t like is cosmetic, but I find it very annoying. The colors are just too light and bright, and honestly, makes it very difficult to see some of the functions on some of my apps. I feel like I am holding a baby toy sometimes. I have a 4S, so I do like that it put on a panoramic function on the phone, although you have to be soooo steady while taking a picture, or you end up with a wavy photo. The way the photos are stored is very different…not quite sure I like it, but may just need to get used to it. I’ve honestly not noticed any difference in app speed yet, and was really annoyed that I had to take a bunch of apps and photos off the phone in order to upgrade. I didn’t do my research beforehand like I should have. I guess I never thought about it. If I could, I’d go back. If there are ways to change the color issues I’ve mentioned, I might be a bit happier with it, although not entirely.

    • You can close out of apps by double clicking the home button and the swiping up the apps you want to close out.

      • Thank you so much, Monie! I appreciate the help! There are probably ways to fix some of my other complaints, too, but I hate having to research things like that.

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