One in Christ: An Appeal on Behalf of the Philippine Earthquake Victims


This is a special post written in behalf of our brothers and sisters here in the Philippines who have been affected by the recent magnitude 7.2 earthquake. Your help — even if it’s just in the form of prayers — would be much appreciated.

As I write this, I am safe and sound in our little apartment here in Manila, nursing my almost six-month-old baby, while my two other children are across the street at their grandmother’s house. My heart is still aching after watching the evening news, seeing images of and hearing about the plight of thousands of our countrymen who are victims of the recent major earthquake in the Western Visayas. The earthquake rocked that region of the Philippines just as thousands of other Filipinos in Northern Luzon — a different region — are recovering from the wrath of Typhoon Santi (international name Nari).

Devastated church of San Pedro, Loboc, Bohol (Photo by Robert Michael Poole aka @tokyodrastic on Twitter)

Devastated church of San Pedro, Loboc, Bohol
(Photo by Robert Michael Poole aka @tokyodrastic on Twitter)

While I don’t have to worry about what my children will eat tomorrow, many are wondering how they will appease their children’s ever-growing hunger. The news reports earlier showed victims feeding days-old leftover rice and sugar to their children. Some victims shared that they had no food left, and were just waiting for relief items to arrive.

While I don’t have to think about where to get safe, clean water for our family to use for bathing, using the toilet, cooking and drinking, many are thirsty and making do with whatever water supply is available to them. Thousands are helpless, waiting for the water that will come with relief donations.

While I and my family will sleep soundly tonight, with a roof over our heads and walls to keep the cold and rain and other unwanted elements out, many are out in the open, sleeping in tents, makeshift shelters or under trees. Many of them are sick, patients of hospitals that have been damaged by the massive earthquake.

Some of the earthquake victims in Bohol (Photo by Robert Michael Poole aka @tokyodrastic on Twitter)

Some of the earthquake victims in Bohol (Photo by Robert Michael Poole aka @tokyodrastic on Twitter)

People are growing desperate as food, water and medicine are quickly running out. As of this evening, aftershocks are still being felt in the affected areas, making relief and rescue operations difficult.

Once again, our people are in need of help.

Despite what has happened, the faith of many of the victims has not been shaken. Indeed, many proclaim that it is only their faith in God that is keeping them strong.

It is this faith that binds us to one another. It is this faith that connects us to people all over the world, no matter what race, color, nationality or language spoken. It is this faith that makes us one in Christ.

I hope that we can do what we can to help our brothers and sisters in need. Now, more than ever, it’s time to put our faith into action. God bless us all!

Do you want to help the Philippine earthquake victims?

Head to Truly Rich Mom for specific ways to do so. And if you think sharing this post will help, please feel free to do so, too! God bless you for your kindness and generosity!

Note: Part of this post originally appeared here on All photos by Robert Michael Poole are used with permission.

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