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Forever Families:  God’s Gift of Adoption is a great way to introduce a child who has been adopted, will be adopted, or has adopted siblings to the true beginnings of their family.

Forever Families: God's Gift of Adoption

Forever Families: God’s Gift of Adoption

Natalie Sutyak tells the beautiful story of adoptive families in a heartfelt manner.  God is the Creator of all families, no matter their genetic makeup.  He brings each of us to our true home on this planet and in heaven.  All children are gifts of God and adoption is one way of receiving His gifts.

This children’s book explains that even though adoptive families may look different or have started uniquely, they are still forever families under God.  They still love and care for one another in a deep and spiritual way.  It is very easy for young children to understand, and adoption is portrayed in a meaningful light.  Children are seen through the eyes of God as equals needing to be loved.

The illustrations by Jennifer Sweeney have a textured pattern as if painted on canvas.  The bold colors highlight the contrast and depth in the paintings and make them appear like photographs.  The pictures of actual families who have adopted are touching and bring life to the story.  The cover is inspired by her family and the children that they have adopted.

This book is aimed toward children who have been adopted or their siblings.  If a parent is thinking about adopting, they may want to read it to their children.  My son especially loved the pictures of the families.  Your children will enjoy the blessed story as well.

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