Game Review: X-Men: Origins Wolverine, the game


X-Men: Origins Wolverine the movie was, for my money, fun, and largely inoffensive. So, I figured, heck, why not try the video game of the same name? After all, it’s based off of a comic book, and a PG-13 film, so how bad could the game be?
Get ready to find out.





Xbox 360, PC, PS3


It’s much like the movie – see Wolverine try to settle into a normal life, suckered back into his old military life, and then betrayed and hunted. And oh, yes, a subplot that’s really a prologue, where we flashback to the same jungle for the entire game. The execution was more interesting in the film.


The mechanics consist of, well, run, jump, hack, and slash. With some amazingly boring puzzles in between.  Oh, yes, and the same exact enemies repeated endlessly.


There was a music score to this game?  I hadn’t noticed.  The graphics weren’t terrible, and I’d even say quite good, which becomes a problem because….


We get to see Wolverine get enemies into bloody chunks of meat and bone, literally.  Or they’re impaled on interactive landscapes, fed to helicopter blades, and otherwise destroyed in gruesome, gratuitous fashions.  This was not the game I was expecting.



Addiction Danger

None. At all.  It’s hard to finish the first time, to heck with any further playthroughs.

Problems/Ending Comments

Where does one even start? Even if this game were as harmless as the early 90s X-Men cartoon (which it obviously is not), it has a serious plotting problem, level design problem (one jungle, endlessly), and the same half-dozen enemies.

ESRB Rating: M for Mature

My rating: I paid $6 for this, used from Gamestop, and I still feel ripped off. Children should never see this game. Adults should simply not bother.

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