Catholic New Media Conference, Part 1: Twitter Style #CNMC


I was so blessed that this year’s Catholic New Media Conference was held in Boston, my own backyard – although I splurged and stayed at the hotel, and even took a Duck Tour with the other VIP participants on Sunday.

The presenters were informative, eager to share their experiences and knowledge, and faithful followers of the Church – which translated into encouragement and inspiration for those blessed to be in attendance.


Here are some of my favorite #CNMC Tweets that will give you the “like I was there” feel:

@inspiredangela Thank you for reminding me to be humble, grateful, merciful, & joyful in my media projects and interactions #CNMC

“View from my office this afternoon. I feel like lisahendey. 😉 #cnmc2013 #cnmc 

“RT @bostoncatholic: What are your Top 10 of @Pontifex‘s 172 Tweets since the election of Pope Francis?  #CNMC

“Tagboard for #CNMC now up and LIVE! 

“We are photoblogging from the #CNMC at 

“What if at Mass instead of being told to turn off your cell phones, we were told to post that you are at Mass on FB or Twitter? #CNMC

“Catholic New Media Conference in Boston | Catholic Web Services #cnmc 

“My initial reflections re: the amazing #CNMC 2013 in Boston – …”

Want more?  Click on #CNMC and explore Twitter – there was a serious Twitter storm during every presentation and event.

Bloggers at the Catholic New Media Conference 2013 in Boston

Bloggers at the Catholic New Media Conference 2013 in Boston


It was the first time I didn’t feel guilty looking at (and using) my phone during a public event. It was actually expected and encouraged! #WICKEDAWESOME!

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  1. Allison I’m so glad I got to enjoy the CNMC through this post and your shared tweets. I’m thrilled that you had such a great time. Next year, God willing, I want to definitely have a huge presence at the event, and your sharing of your terrific experience will encourage others to go, I’m sure. Also, who is the fourth blogger in your picture with my sisters??

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