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Editor’s note: Today, I thank college student and artist Shaun Lichti for sharing this short film, which conveys a legacy of love. If you’re a reader or are endeavoring to raise children who love a good book, this is a video you won’t want to miss! LMH

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Filmmaker Shaun Lichti

Filmmaker Shaun Lichti

From the Filmmaker:

What She Taught Me is, at its core, a small statement of my appreciation for the legacy of reading that my mother has blessed me with. When I first set out to create the film, I wasn’t entirely sure where it was going to end up. I had some very vivid images in mind, but I was not certain how they were going to come together. However, as soon as I began to edit the project, the words of the voiceover quickly began to flow.

My love of reading has been a defining part of my life and has certainly furthered my education and opened doors for me. However, beyond that, I believe that reading is about a shared bond: it is a love language that is shared between a parent and a child. An unbreakable connection that is intangible yet powerful. This film is meant to illuminate that connection and celebrate the beauty it contains.

About the Filmmaker

Shaun Lichti is a filmmaker, photographer, and speaker who is currently a sophomore at Hillsdale College in Michigan where he studies Marketing Management and Journalism. He graduated in 2012 from University High School in Fresno California. Before that he was homeschooled for 7 years by his mother, who also homeschooled his 4 sisters. Shaun has a background in landscape photography which he learned from his grandfather. He now shoots portraits, weddings, photojournalism, and all types of photography in both the Fresno and Hillsdale areas. When he’s not at school he can be found spending time with his sisters or running the marketing for his family’s business, Chosen Frozen Yogurt. To contact Shaun or view his fine art portfolio, visit www.shaunlichti.com


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