Catholic New Media Conference, Part 2: The Top 5 Things I Learned


Here are the top 5 things I learned at the recent Catholic New Media Conference in Boston:

1. Each one of us on Facebook or Twitter is friends or has followers who are lapsed Catholics. 

Therefore what we post and how we conduct ourselves on these social media outlets, when done thoughtfully – can be an incredibly effective tool of the new evangelization.

2. Podcasts are a very intimate way to communicate the Good News.

Why?  You are speaking directly to your listener – coming into their home, office or car.  For those listening wearing headphones, you are literally whispering the message of God’s love, mercy, and hope into their ears.   In addition, “content is king” – if you don’t have something to say, if you are not focused with your message, no matter how entertaining you are, people won’t stay tuned in.


3. There are a lot of amazing Catholics working very hard, often for little or no remuneration…

…to bring the faith via Websites, Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, Podcast, Blog and Vlog, Apps, and online newspapers or magazines.

Commercial interruption – to share some new favorites I discovered:

4. “Retweeting” (especially when you have your Twitter account linked to your Facebook) is an easy way to be part of the social media evangelization without having to create your own content. 



Some people think they have nothing to say (which is most likely NOT true) but if you have that fear, then follow people who do.  Pope Francis:  is a great place to start!!

5. Sometimes it is good to be a tourist in your own “backyard.”

Though I live only 30 minutes from Boston, I rarely make time to learn the history of or even visit this great city (and home of the 2013 World Series Winners – Boston Red Sox… sorry had to mention it, as I’m writing this column I am watching the post-game celebration!).

Point being:  Grab a camera or video camera – visit local landmarks and tell a story of the amazing people and places God has created in His image for all of us to enjoy!  Do it with joy, giving God the glory and you will evangelize without even trying. The recognition of God’s presence in all that we see, done with joy and gratitude, is a powerful testimony of faith.

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