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Well, we’ve been crossing off the days in November and you know what THAT means. In addition to being graced with the seasonal crimsons, magentas and burnt oranges, the traditional and the exciting new Thanksgiving dishes we eagerly prepare and the Advent customs we ready in anticipation of once again celebrating, it’s award season in many arenas! How can it be that we’ve come so close to saying “Goodbye” to 2013? You’ve no doubt been asked to vote (or you’ve done the asking, as I have!) in a handful of 2013 blogging award venues. And yup, that’s what this is all about. But this is a unique request…

Catholic bloggers are rocking one specific awards platform, the 2013 Homeschool Post Blog Awards!!

Let’s support them all and show our Catholic pride by voting in the many areas in which they are nominated. Of the many categories featured at the Homeschool Post Blog awards Catholics represent:

12 blogs
16 nominations
12 categories

Friends, let’s make this a Catholic sweep! Let’s keep our faith front and center by supporting Catholic voices, opinions, projects, photos, curriculum designs, homemaking styles, crafts, plans, encouragement, traditions, liturgical season activities homeschool methodologies, resources and more visible and prominent.

All of the bloggers are winners, simply by virtue of being courageous enough to speak the unpopular Truth in our current culture. That’s a fact. And because of that, nomination in itself is huge. Let’s make even more of a statement and vote Catholic in the  2013 Homeschool Post Blog Awards!

Now, for the details:

1. You can vote in each category, once per day, per device until November 18!
2. Please click to shade the dot to the left of the blog name. Then scroll down the page to click “vote.”
3. Please spread the word by tweeting, pinning, sharing in some form, this post or the the HSBA post with voting details.

~Here are your Catholic blogger nominees for 2013~

To visit any of the blogs, just click its name.
Click the category to visit the voting link and don’t forget to scroll down a bit to click “vote.”

Campfires and Cleats ~ Chris

Best Special Needs Blog

and Best Photo Blog

Catholic All Year ~ Kendra

Best New Homeschool Blog

and Best Current Events, Opinion or Politics Blog

Clan Donaldson ~ Cari

Funniest Blog

Frugal Homeschool Family ~ Heather

Home to 4 Kiddos ~ Lisa

Best Super Homeschooler and Best Homemaking and Recipe Blog

Mountain of Grace Homeschooling ~ Monique Best New Homeschool Blog

Raising Little Saints ~ Erika

Best Super Homeschooler

A Slice of Smith Life ~ Tracy

Best Homeschool Mom Blog

Stories of an Unschooling Family ~ Sue

Best Homeschool Methods Blog

Upside Down Homsechooling ~ Heather

Best Homeschool Mom Blog

Remember, friends, vote each day til November 18! If you know of a Catholic blog that was a nominated and is not featured here, my apologies. Please advise and I will add the links.

Copyright 2013 Chris Mooney


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Christine Mooney loves her life as a homeschooling Mom! Chris resides in NY with her lively, lovable boys, who continuously color her life. Her essays are included in Bezalel Books’ Stories for a Homeschool Heart and Joseph Karl’s God Moments 2 as well as “Mater et Magistra” magazine. Please stop in and visit her for a bit at her blog, Campfires and Cleats .


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I am grateful for any support for Home to 4 Kiddos! Let’s all vote every day on every device and we can truly win this thing for all of the Catholic bloggers! God bless, Lisa

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