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When you really stop to think about it…our Sacrament of Reconciliation is incredible!! Where else can we hand over our burdens and struggles and receive complete absolution, the very mercy of Jesus poured over our bruised and battered little souls?

We celebrate Baptism with a beautiful flowy baby dress, precious anointing and classic prayers at the Church …and by Holy Communion, those little babies are now 7 year olds, all dressed up in their suits and white dresses and veils, with no shortage of photo ops, gifts and cake. Both of these Sacraments are MONUMENTAL, but sometimes the quiet little event of First Reconciliation, where kids line up for their one-to-one talk with the priest… gets a little overlooked.

Preparation for this monumental event where this little child confesses their sins to a priest for the very first time…can be daunting.

Reconciliation Prep Freebie

I put together a First Reconciliation Prep PRINTABLE which includes:

  • 2 classic versions of the Act of Contrition,
  • a simple guide for the classic text and format of the Sacrament of Reconciliation,
  • an Examination of Conscience with simple questions based on the 10 Commandments,
  • along with a Reconciliation Record Card, a Prayer Prompt Card, and the Confiteor,
  • and Reconciliation Facts and Absolution text.

The instruction and prayers are illustrated with our favorite Kelly Comics cartoons, in both full-color and coloring page templates.

The First Reconciliation Prep Printable is FREE to subscribers of Equipping Catholic Families (and our fans on Facebook) and is available here: First Reconciliation Prep Printable.

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