Daily Scriptures Reflection for Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Scripture: Lectionary 177. Tue. Dec. 3. Isaiah 11:1-10. Psalm 72:1.7-8.12-13. 17. Luke 10:21-24.

Jesus leads us into enjoying this season of Advent. He is rejoicing in the Holy Spirit because God has revealed his love to those who are open to it like children and the innocent. They are the ones who experience the wonder and joy in the simplest yet greatest things in life. Advent is the time in which we are encouraged by Jesus to be like these little ones.

Led by the Holy Spirit we can appreciate the beautiful literary thoughts that come from Isaiah. They may seem very idealistic and idyllic but in the realm of the prophetic and the spiritual dimensions of the Scripture they are realities that belong to the deepest part of our hearts, minds, and souls. Nothing is impossible to God, the Holy Spirit, and the Anointed Christ Jesus.

Isaiah is describing the messianic kingdom and era in all of its perfection where even the animals will participate peacefully in their behavior. Nations will come to Jerusalem to be united, orphans, the lowly, and the poor will enjoy the bounties of God. And we by becoming Advent people can embrace these visions of Isaiah with confidence in the prophetic message Isaiah brings us so often during Advent. We have a foreshadowing of the offspring of Jesse in David the greatest king of Israel who starts the messianic lineage which will be that of Jesus as we learn from St. Matthew in his first chapter in verse 16:”Jacob was the father of Joseph the husband of Mary. It was of her that Jesus who is called the Messiah was born.”

Psalm 72 is among the royal psalms or those that speak of the messiah and his rule. We join it to what we learn from Jesus who tells us blessed are the eyes that see what you see and the ears that hear what you hear. We are led to listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit in our own hearts. The psalmist tells us, “Justice shall flourish in his time, and fullness of peace forever.” (Psalm 72:7). The Psalm confirms the vision that the poor will be cared for by God. The orphans, widows, the lowly, and the weak are dear to God. We, in turn, are to be God-like by having these same concerns about those in need.

Advent is the season where we are led by the Holy Spirit to enjoy the fullness of the promises made through the prophets. The gifts of the Spirit are there for our taking. We are led by the examples of Isaiah, the Psalmist and Jesus to be people of compassion, peace, joy, love, forgiveness and reconciliation. Amen.

Copyright 2013 Fr. Bertrand Buby, S.M.


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