One Holy Night: A Poem


One Holy Night

On the first Christmas night when all through the land,
Not a soul was content not woman nor man.

Time came for the journey for the Virgin with Child,
Led by St. Joseph a man oh most mild.

They were far from their home, when Mary had said,
“The baby is coming please find me a bed.”

They searched through the town for a warm place to stay,
When an innkeeper offered his stable and hay.

St. Joseph stood watch until Mary’s claim,
“Our baby is born! The world won’t be the same.”

The shepherds in fields guarding sheep through the night
Got a wondrous surprise: Messengers of light

“Behold! Do not fear, for it’s great news we bring,
The babe in the stable is the Heavenly King!”

He’ll be swaddled in clothes asleep in the manger
Give Glory to God, He’ll free you from danger.

Then three men of wise, who travelled afar,
Were moved in their hearts to follow the star.

They saw the sweet child asleep in the hay,
And after a dream journeyed home a new way.

Their gifts that they brought were fit for a king,
Yet one had foretold our savior’s suff’ring.

‘Twas a time of great joy we still feel today,
All from a baby born that first Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to you and may it be bright,
Just as it was on that one Holy Night.

Copyright 2013 Jennifer Gladen


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  1. Absolutely lovely! This will become part of our annual Christmas story readings around the tree. Thank you for sharing.

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