Relief from Holiday Overload is Simpler than You Think


The Catholic Church has your holiday stress-reducing prescription whether for the highs and lows of being a stay-at-home-mom or for the complexities of being a mom business owner and everything in-between.

Relief from Holiday Overload is Simpler than You Think

I heard an attractive, got-her-stuff-together, professional mom with many kids and businesses comment on stress. She acknowledged the moments when pushing herself out of her home and work comfort zone made her think she would explode.

Her words gave me a “misery loves company” comfort. Feeling the heat doesn’t mean you are off-track.

Pressure with your work and personal commitments isn’t bad. The periodic makes-you-itchy tension purchases your ticket to being the best wife and mom you can be, uplevelling your business, refining your relationships, and catapulting your personal and business development.

But throw in dealing with holiday stress like:

  • extra events to attend – school programs, field trips, company dinners, parties;
  • additional pile-on to-do tasks;
  • increased expenses;
  • hyped-up kids, excited about Christmas; and
  • the emotions—good and bad— around being with extended family;

and you, too, may feel unglued.

The strain compounds if you:

  • skip your regular workouts due to lack of time to do it;
  • start over-indulging into the ubiquitous sweets, keeping pace with the national average holiday weight gain of 7 pounds; and/or
  • let interruptions in your routine cut out or eliminate your prayer time

Look no further than your nearest Advent wreath to lessen holiday stress.

In a season piled with excesses, our Heavenly Father gifts us Advent. It has the power to dissipate your biz and life anxieties with these simple steps.

Correct seasonal confusion.

The Christmas Season begins December 25. The Advent Season, roughly four weeks before Christmas, emphasizes reflection and repentance in preparation for Jesus’ birth.

Maintain your spiritual Advent focus by giving up a bad habit, adding or tweaking a spiritual discipline, and incorporating family and community prayer, ideally around your Advent wreath.

Put people first.

Within reason, try to fully participate in the God-given fellowship opportunities around you. Personally stretch to connect with others when possible. Be present in your people interaction. Offer any discomfort or inconvenience out of gratitude for Jesus’ coming.

Ramp up discernment.

Clarity about God’s priorities lets you finish strong in your business and personal goals despite multiple distractions. Huddle during your prayer time (that you’re not skimping on) to glean divine guidance on what to pursue and what to cut out as you near the finish line. Pray for purity of heart to tune in to God’s will, the courage to complete the tasks before you, and the faith in God to let go of those that are not going to happen.

Live temperance.

Moderation in work and play allows you to release control, enjoy God’s gifts, responsibly fulfill your obligations, and cherish the season, just like our fun-loving Jesus would.

Employing the Catholic stress-squelching tactics leaves you satisfied you are joyfully answering God’s call in your vocation, invigorated, content with your accomplishments, and filled with joy in recognizing God’s blessings.

Do you have stress-busting tips you employ to keep sane amidst the hullabaloo brought by the season?

Catholic Mompreneur’s Biz and Life Tip: While the rest of the world tears down their trees, pulls down the lights, and packs up the plastic Santa from the roof on December 26th, you can deal with holiday stress and celebrate the order our Mother Church gives us by putting Advent first and Christmas second. Begin to celebrate Christmas as relaxed, relationship-valuing, Christ-centered mompreneur, ready to light up the world with your feminine genius inside and outside of your home.

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