Daily Gospel Reflection for January 1, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Luke 2:16-21

As we turn the page on our calendars and embark upon a New Year, I feel blessed beyond measure to share with you a new feature here at CatholicMom.com. For every day of 2014, a team of our writers will break open the day’s gospel passage with us. We’ve invited them to prayerfully read the gospel passage and to share from their hearts. We hope that this feature will be an invitation for you to journey with us closer to Jesus Christ and his Church through the gift of the gospels. Each day, our writers will include a brief personal prayer and a question for you to ponder and to reflect upon. We welcome your comments on those “ponder” questions and invite you to use these reflections as a tool in your own New Evangelization by sharing them with loved ones and friends.

In today’s gospel, perfect for this Octave Day of the Nativity of the Lord and the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God, Luke gives us a peek into that quiet, far-flung birthplace of our Savior. We learn that the shepherds, having just heard the Angels’ miraculous message, went “in haste” to the place where Baby Jesus was lying in the manger. They couldn’t wait to see the King for themselves, and to share with Mary and Joseph the amazing news they had heard from the angels.

We read in Luke’s gospel that Mary “kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.” Even then, Mary’s “Yes” to God’s will for her life played out in ways that are amazing to us! We then see the shepherds returning, giving glory to God for all they had seen — surely changed for life.

As I read this passage, I claim a few of the action verbs in it as my watchwords for a well-lived 2014:

I want to “go in haste” to be close to my Lord.
I want to “make known” the message of his love and salvation.
I want to  “reflect in my heart” upon the goodness that God has showered upon me and my family.
I want to “glorify and praise” God in both word and deed.

As we begin this New Year, let’s journey together to the Source of all Light with Mary’s profound “Yes” as our guide.


In your daily life, how are you like the shepherds, who hasten to see Christ and who are anxious to share the Good News with all they meet? How does this gospel passage impact upon your desire to be a part of the New Evangelization?


Baby Jesus, I desire to hasten to the warmth of your love and to share it with everyone I meet. Help me today and always to feel the joy of your embrace and to share that same love with those most in need of it. Amen

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    • Thanks Sarah — I’ve always read this passage and really dwelt upon the two lines “And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.” But for some reason when I read it this time around, those verbs truly stuck out to me. Part of my goal for my 2014 New Evangelization efforts is to *seize* opportunities and to try to spend as much time ACTING as I do writing and talking about my faith. I know you know the challenge that this can be…

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Great focus on the action words for this gospel. I love the first one especially, “Go in haste” to be close to the Lord. What a lovely way to start the new year.

    • Thanks Jules – I think that is really my favorite too. The anxiousness of that phrase is the type of excitement I want to feel in my relationship with Jesus Christ. I wish you a blessed 2014!

  2. Fantastic idea! I just subscribed to your feed via e-mail so I get these daily reflections in my inbox. Is there a way to subscribe just to the daily Gospel reflection, and not all the content on the site?

  3. Happy New Year, Lisa, Sarah and everyone at CatholicMom. Thanks for this motivating reflection, Lisa. It’s appropriate to begin the new year. I’m excited about the new Gospel Reflection feature at CatholicMom.

  4. Maureen O'Shea on

    Hi Lisa, I love this reflection. It is an inspiration for us to begin the new year with the best resolutions, I particularly love the reminder to be the Source of Light for others, it is so important to reflect our peace and love of God through our lives. Great post, thank you and Blessed New Year to you and your family.

  5. I am blessed as a mom of 9 and a youth minister to have many opportunities to “make known” the Gospel and I try my best to daily “reflect” on God’s goodness. I would have to admit the area where I may need most to work on is to “give glory and praise God” in all my words and actions. If all we did and said gave God glory, saints we would indeed be! I am going to especially work on my words giving praise in every situation. Thanks for the reflection.

  6. Excellent beginning to an excellent addition to Catholic Mom! “Mary pondered these words in her heart” I would do well to remember that my heart can’t speak so my prayerful pondering should be still and silent and not always noisy and wordy! I’ll work on that for 2014!

  7. Beautiful Lisa! Love this! Pondering prayer is something so important for a deep spiritual life. And I love that after pondering what this Scripture mean in light of God’s will for my life, that you give me good action items to go forward living the pulse of the New Evangelization!

  8. Happy New Year, Lisa! I am very excited about this new feature at CatholicMom.com!! Thank you for leading us with this first reflection. Prayer is at the very top of my 2014 goals, so this will be a wonderful aid for me to not only pray and read the Scriptures but also to put them into action. Thanks! And God bless!

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