Daily Gospel Reflection for January 6, 2014


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 4:12-17, 23-25

“Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”  That line in today’s Gospel is truly an attention grabber for me!  In the busyness of days, I tend to think of heaven as something I’m working towards…in the next few decades.  As I stare down my own sinfulness, I realize I need time to get ready; I’m not “good to go” just yet. That is a sobering, sometimes frightening thought.  But God in His infinite and overwhelming goodness slipped some other very comforting words into this Gospel.

Repent means a wish to change—boy do I have one of those.  It’s as if He’s reminding me that He will meet me in the middle of all my soggy, ugly sinfulness and lift me above it if I repent.  Thank goodness repent and perfection aren’t the same thing; and the news gets even better…there isn’t an expiration date or limited quantity of repentance attempts we’re allowed on our way to the Kingdom of Heaven.

This Gospel reminds me that I need to make repentance a frequent activity because entering God’s Kingdom should be my top priority every day.  Jesus traveled curing people of every known illness and affliction and today I will remember that He would be thrilled to swoop into my life and heal me of my stubbornness, doubtfulness, and weakness.


Heaven is at hand…what is one thing I wish to change today that will bring me closer to the Father that loves me?


Sweet Jesus, as I enter this new day, before I plan the activities, tasks, and menus, help me consider the Glory of your Kingdom and repent of all the things I have done to keep me from it.  Bless me with a heart that seeks and reflects Your magnificent love.  Amen.

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