Tech Talk Digest for Last Week


Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

Catholic Techie Christine Johnson

Meet Catholic Techie (and Tech Talk writer) Christine Johnson, who jugglies techiedom with motherhood, homeschooling, and being a Lay Dominican.

Fly Me to the Moon! Let Me Play Among the Stars!

Star Walk gives you a new appreciation for the night sky.

Praying as a Monk through an App: Honor Your Inner Monk

Tanya Weitzel explains the simplicity of a free app meant to Honor Your Inner Monk.

Does Your Catholic School Use Social Media?

Catholic schools can use social media as a communication and promotion tool. Learn how one school community makes it work.

Can Anything Good Come from Facebook?

Allison Gingras finds a surprising connection between the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and positive social media interactions.

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