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Little-Way-Word-GraphicI’m very excited for an initiative being planned to celebrate the life of my personal patroness St. Therese of Lisiuex in social media. Here’s an overview from our friends at Image Books:

As St. Therese said, “God’s love is revealed just as much in the most simple soul who does not resist His graces as in the most sublime.” Through the thousands of Catholics who consider themselves a “simple soul,” God’s love will be revealed on Feb. 4, 2014, in 140 little—but powerful—characters.

To celebrate the publication of Bishop Patrick Ahern’s beautiful book, Three Gifts of Therese of Lisieux (Image Books, Feb. 4,2014), Image Books is sponsoring an online movement dedicated to sharing the “Little Way” of faith in each of our lives. By actively sharing the small, simple acts from your daily life online, you can unite the Little Way of St. Therese with the idea behind the New Evangelization: engaging the world one act of faith at a time.

Beginning Jan. 20, Catholic bloggers are invited to post about a way in which the Little Way of St. Therese has impacted their lives. Did her example inspire you to practice intentional graciousness with a difficult coworker? Has your life been touched in a profound way by the kindness of a stranger? Share your story any time between Jan. 20 and Feb. 3, making sure to tag your post with “Little Way.”

The Day of the Little Way will take place on Feb. 4, 2014 on Twitter. Using the hashtag #LittleWay, you are encouraged to tweet your own experiences of small but powerful faith. Tweet your own acts of faith, acknowledge the service of others, or even offer prayers for the little things in your life and heart! By utilizing a small number of characters (140, to be precise), Catholics can impact one of the world’s largest platforms with messages of hope, faith, and love!

I had fun creating a “little” video to be used as a part of this project. Here it is:

Be sure to stay tuned, because we’ll be celebrating the Day of the Little Way in still, including a big St.  Therese themed giveaway!

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  1. Thanks, Lisa. I’ve added Littlewaytwitterway to my daytimer. Feb. 4 is a busy clinic day for me and so I’m sure there will be many opportunities to practice St. Therese’s Little Way (but maybe not so much time to tweet – but I’ll try). She’s my patron saint. I have to honour her 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I’m so glad you informed us about this! I just read her biography this fall and I loved learing about St. Therese’s Little Way. I will definitely participate both on my blog, Dr. Patti’s Blog, and on Twitter with the hashtag.

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