Daily Gospel Reflection for January 23, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Mark 3:7-12

Why did Jesus warn spirits not to make Him known? Didn’t He want people to know He was the messiah?

But we must ask the question why the demons wanted to reveal the identity of Jesus if not to undermine his work or to put him in immediate danger. It puts in mind the malicious voice in a crowd who yells FIRE to cause a stampede. We also have to remember that when demons speak, they are not capable of anything but lies and deception.

If we were on trial, would we want the witness of a crook as a credible source? Of course not, because it would make us look as though we keep company with crooks. Jesus did not need or want the testimony of demons.

In the gospels Jesus has the authority not only to heal people but also the power to silence evil into submission.


Who do you turn to when you ask for advice?  Be wary. A person of the world is going to give you exactly that — the world’s “wisdom.”  When you get advice, if it contradicts the wisdom of Christ’s church, which comes straight from the Holy Spirit, you can know that it’s bad advice.


Holy Son of God Who has dominion over all creation, have mercy on us.

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  1. Excellent insight, Victoria. To answer your question, I turn to my father for advice. For the longest time, I prayed for a spiritual advisor. Then I realized, God had already answered that prayer. As a lay Dominican, my dad know the teachings of the Church. As my father, he is sometimes brutally honest, though always loving.

  2. Your insights are interesting Victoria, different that what struck me when I originally read the Gospel and so helpful. And Kelly, I love your answer on who you go to for advice. I tend to go to my parents, my husband, and now actually my sons too as they are getting older and wiser.

  3. As I was reflecting on this Gospel, I was struggling. For one thing, I’m loving the journey through the book of 1st Samuel and the story of David (the first readings this week). For another, it’s hard to make sense of this Gospel without some context.

    Thanks for the context. As I was reading your reflection and pondering on my own, I couldn’t help but think that ours is a faith of the flesh. Jesus is always touching people. He doesn’t just heal them with his words (though he certainly does that), he also heals with his touch.

    I hate to be touched. And yet…this is something he is waiting to heal for me.

    Which brings me back to your closing prayer asking for God’s mercy. I’m going to carry that with me today.

    Thanks, Victoria! 🙂

  4. I’ve always been curious as to why Catholics identify themselves to others as being “Catholic” and not Christian?
    Honestly, I’ve met very few Catholics who even mention the name of Jesus; it’s always Mary, the Pope or The Church.

    • Some things go without saying. Catholics were the first Christians. Do you tell people you’re North American when they ask you where you live? No, you probably get more specific.

      Do you see the irony in your words? You’re on a web page of Catholic women whose writings are entirely devoted to spreading the message of Jesus Christ but you only see what you choose to see.

      • No, I’m not choosing to see anything. I share what I’ve experienced in interacting and living with Catholics for over 50 years and am glad this site exists. But quite honestly you ladies are in the minority. Even Pope John Paul II gave thanks to Mary for saving his life in the 1981 assassination attempt. No mention of Jesus. Of course the press may have had something to do with it. The impression the Catholic Church is leaving on us non-Catholics is that Mary is just as, if not more than, important than Jesus. Please don’t give me the Mother of God argument. That’s very insulting to God. However, it warms my heart to see his name mentioned so prominently here. I wish you well in spreading the good news of Jesus and Jesus alone.

        • KL, you are a bit confusing here in your post. As a new comer to Vic’s site, you kind of proved the point of why we refer to ourselves as Catholic–what our universality includes is Mary, the saints, etc. as well as Christ. To just say that we are Christians misses a whole lot.

        • I find that sometimes our Protestant brethren are afraid of offending God by giving Mary her due credit. Your heart is in the right place. She certainly isn’t God and we don’t treat her as if she is but we DO treat her like she’s part of the family.

          Heaven is a big ol family reunion.

          The bible makes it clear that death no longer separates us from the body of Christ. The body of Christ includes the communion of saints on earth AND in heaven. If we are in communion with the people in heaven and the book of Revelation confirms that the Saints in heaven are cheering us onto the finish line, then why is Mary (and all our departed brothers in Christ) not allowed to be a part of our lives?

          There is evidence in the catacombs of the early Christian martyrs that they venerated Mary and the saints. The idea that it offends Jesus is a fairly new one and a result of the reformation.

          • Furthermore if I can ask a sister in Christ to pray for me here on earth I can certainly ask a sister in Christ to pray for me from heaven. Who’s a bigger sister in Christ than Mary? Lol

    • KJ Thanks for commenting here. We actually do quite frequently refer to ourselves as Christian, both here on the site and in our day to day lives. I hope you’ll spend some time here with us. I think you’ll find that you encounter Christ and his teachings on a daily basis here. We being our days by reading the gospels together and sharing in prayerful reflection upon them. The gospels bring us daily into interaction with Christ – such a blessing. Thank you for being here and for commenting. Lisa, Founder of CatholicMom.com

  5. Enjoyed your reflection. It was a different take on this reading and gives me more to “chew” on. God bless!

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