These Poor, Deprived Homeschooled Kids


They’ll never know what it is to be in a classroom.


(This is our classroom – messy version.)

Or socialize with their peers.


Or have P.E.


Or take field trips.



(We love the beach.)

Or learn practical things.


(Such as gardening, for instance.)

They have to miss out on art class.


(Her favorite thing!)

And they’ll never have a close relationship with a teacher.


(Hint: Mom knows them inside and out.)

I don’t know if we will homeschool forever, but I never imagined that I’d enjoy teaching preschool and kindergarten so much.

So far so good!  Please pray for us!

Homeschooling parents, or former homeschoolers, what has your experience been?

Copyright 2014 Marissa Nichols


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  1. Hi Marissa…I’ve been homeschooling for 17 years now, and I cannot tell you what a grace and a gift it has been- to share days and life with 5 of the most interesting people in the world to me- my children. I am down to the last two- now teens, and am savoring every moment. Enjoy life and learning with yours!

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