Daily Gospel Reflection for January 28, 2014


Today’s Gospel Mark 3:31-35

“Who are my mother and my brothers?”

I am the oldest of four and in my life I have often wondered that very thing: exactly who are my mother and brothers and sister?  I don’t seem to fit in, so maybe that tale of being adopted is true.

Of course, one look at my mom and I together and you know where I came from.  For a long time it saddened me that I was the “oddball” of the family.  I was happiest with my grandparents and great-grandparents, learning all things they wanted to teach me and getting attention I didn’t get at home.

As an adult, living twelve hundred miles from my nearest sibling and parents, I have found a new family.  And our bond was formed in our faith.  We met at church and grew into a family.  It has changed over the years, gained and lost members for various reasons, suffered joys and tragedies.

Our common bond, though, is what has sustained us and will do so in the future.  Our faith in Jesus brought us together and some of us say that we sought each other out very specifically; I believe that our love is part of God’s plan for us.

I may not be as close to my families as I’d like, but not for a minute is there doubt that I have a family of friends, joined together not by blood but by the love of God.


Who has God given to you as part of your family, even if they are not related to you by blood?


Father, we ask you to watch over all our families and friends.  Show us how to love one another and teach us to be present.  Let the love we share with them be the love of your Son.  Amen.

Copyright 2014 Deanna Bartalini

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