The New 4-in-1 Superfood Oil — Our Family Takes it in Place of ALL the Others!


Have you heard of the new Green Pasture infused coconut oil blend?


I was leery at the thought of another healthy oil that I should take daily, since I still have trouble getting the fermented cod liver oil down sometimes.  But then Dave sent me some to try, and I found out that this infused coconut oil is a quadruple whammy — it has four superfood oils in one blend, so we can take all the good stuff we need in one serving!

Here’s what’s in it:

  • Coconut Oil – A traditional healthy fat that boosts our metabolism and our immune system; plus it has lauric acid, a powerful cancer fighter!  Until now I mostly just cooked with it, but Kent had been taking a spoonful the virgin coconut oil daily (read about Alzheimer’s and coconut oil here and about the possible benefits for those like Kent with a strong Alzheimer’s gene in their family – also at that link you can read about his amazing parents) plus he took the FCLO, so he’s happy to only take one now.
  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil – This is the main “supplement” (except it’s a food) that our family takes.  It helps the kids to focus — these benefits are very noticeable, plus I’ve told you before how it’s my All Natural Chill Pill for Anxiety.  Also, when we feel like we might be getting sick we’ll take a spoonful, and nine times out of ten we wake up with no symptoms THE NEXT DAY, so I know it’s a powerful immune-system builder.  Read more here about the many benefits of clo!

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