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Here at, we love using social media to share the Good News of the Gospel. So when we learned about today’s “Day of the #LittleWay” celebration being held in honor of the launch of the late Bishop Patrick Ahern’s forthcoming and, final book, Three Gifts of Therese of Lisieux, I knew that we’d be “all in”!

Here’s a small video I made to share about what the amazing Doctor of the Church, St. Therese of Lisiuex which explains a bit about what the Little Flower means to me:

Video Link

Along with making this video, we’re using social media today to spread the joy. You’re invited to be a part of this and to use the hashtag #LittleWay all day long on Twitter and Vine as a way to share your small stories of faith, prayers, quotes, inspiration and encouragement online.

LittleWay-Tweet-Pin-1-300x300By uniting under one hashtag, we Catholics not only demonstrate solidarity in our faith, but we also open the door for dialog with people online in a new way.

To continue the party, we will be giving away four copies of Three Gifts of Therese of Lisieux to our readers. Here’s a brief overview of this amazing book:

Transformation in our lives happens when we live with the confidence that “God is nothing but mercy and love.” In this inspiring book, beloved author Patrick Ahern looks at the teachings of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the Little Flower, through the lens of his own personal experiences in which this  “saint for our times” played such an important role for more than seventy years.  With honesty and humility, he delves into the transformational love that infused her faith, led her to be named one of only four female Doctors of the Catholic Church, and gave Ahern’s own journey direction and meaning.

Three-Gifts-of-Therese-of-Lisieux-682x1024Ahern focuses on what he calls the three gifts of Thérèse:  her universal appeal, her conviction, and her little way. Echoing Therese’s recognition that bureaucracy, penances, rules and commandments miss the message of love that she knew to be true, he says, “She convinced me that someone as ordinary as I could aspire to the love of God, which filled her heart to overflowing.” He hopes the same for his readers.

Most of the Catholic moms I’ve met feel a true affinity for St. Therese. Much of the work we do remains behind the scenes, hidden to much of the outside world. And yet, the small acts of love and service we offer to our families are truly our pathway to heaven. In those moments when I feel that my life is less meaningful than someone else, I simply need to remember the life of a cloistered Sister who paved her path to heaven with small deeds, lovingly performed.

Be sure to enter here to win Three Gifts of Therese of Lisieux and definitely jump onto the bandwagon with a super #LittleWay tweet, vine or post today. Today is your chance not only to win a special book by a beloved saint, but also to bring your friends and loved ones closer to Jesus Christ and his Church through the power of social media.

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