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Editor’s note: We are so happy to welcome our new intern Allison from Franciscan University. Be sure to stay tuned for Allison’s stories of life as a Catholic college student. We expect her to teach US a lot during her time with us this semester! LMH

Allison DeWolfA college student contributing to a website for moms?  It may seem like a bit of a strange situation, and yet here I am!  I am so grateful to be able to intern for CatholicMom.com and to contribute to this wonderful ministry in a very small way.

My name is Allison, and I am a Junior at Franciscan University of Steubenville.  I am double majoring in Theology and Catechetics with a concentration in Youth Ministry, and I’m minoring in Communications (graphic design).  After college, I’m planning on going into youth and women’s ministry and doing some graphic design work for the Church – but we’ll see where God leads me when that time comes!

When one of my professors told me about this opportunity to work with CatholicMom.com, I jumped at the chance.  As I study media, youth culture, and Theology, I am fascinated by the way they all connect.  In this time of technological advancements, cultural influences, and general confusion among the youth and young people, I think it’s crucial for Catholics to use technology, media, and the culture to speak Truth to the next generation.

I’ll share a couple little things with you so you can ‘get to know me’ a little bit… In summer of 2012, immediately after my freshman year of college, I spent 12 weeks walking from Seattle, WA to Washington DC with Crossroads ProLife.  Then, in the Spring of 2013, I studied abroad in Austria for 4 months, traveling almost every weekend and visiting multiple cities in over 7 countries.  Both of these experiences have greatly influenced who I am today, my outlook on life, and the way I live.

As the youngest in my family, I have an older brother and sister (and brother-in-law and sister-in-law), and 12 nieces and nephews who keep me running every time I go home.  They all help me reach out very intentionally in my relationships.  The unconventional (yet beautiful!) dynamics of my family have, again, greatly influenced my world view.

I have lots of hobbies that I rarely do, but nevertheless enjoy .  When I do have free time, I read (lots and lots), cook, scrapbook, write, and design backgrounds for my computer.

I’m looking forward to sharing some thoughts, reflections and views from the perspective of a college student.  Do you have a particular question for me?  Please tell me in the comments!

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  1. Allison – here is a question for you. How much are you in touch with your parents and siblings? I ask this, because my own boys are in college. AS a mom, I miss them and want to keep up with them, but I also want to give them their space. I’m curious what your “norm” is and how that has worked for you. When I was in college, we didn’t have cell phones, so I spoke to my parents every other Sunday. Now, if I go more than a week without hearing my boys’ voices, I get a bid sad… just curious!

    My question…I am a mother of four…the oldest a freshman in High School…and my biggest fear is that they will stray from their faith when they are out of my hands! How, at such a young age, are you so awesome!!!????
    Is there one thing your parents did that encouraged you to stay on the straight and narrow?

  3. Hello and welcome! (My goodness, one of my kids is older than you!) I also love to read and to cook, and I’d love it if you would consider sharing one of your favorite meatless recipes for an upcoming Meatless Friday feature! I know from experience with my oldest son that college students don’t live on pizza and ramen alone 🙂

  4. Don’t be fooled — Allison knows quite a bit about motherhood despite not entering the ranks herself quite yet. She’s an awesome Aunt and the best babysitter in the world – our kidos love it when she’s home.

    Great first post, Allison. I’m so proud of the young lady you’ve become.

  5. So excited for you to get to know Allison! She’s an amazing blessing in our lives, a tender-hearted young woman with so many interests and gifts!

  6. We’re really excited about this great opportunity for you to share your insights and life with others. We’ll be praying for you; we know your observations/comments will be a blessing for all. God Bless!

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