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As a product of the 70’s and 80’s, I grew up with radio personalities Casey Kasem and Wolfman Jack, I loved countdown shows or being introduced to new music.

This week I found something new that reminded me so much of those memory-filled programs, it has me absolutely ecstatic! I am even more delighted because now I get to share it with the readers.

For two glorious years, I got to live out my rock star fantasy as a doo-wop girl in a Christian Rock band. I have been singing since I was a kid, and always dreamed of standing with a microphone singing my heart out. Never did I think back then that my heart would be so dedicated to the Lord and it would be for HIS Glory I’d be singing it out for!! It was such a blessing, especially since the music we provided was part of an amazing monthly youth Adoration night.

During those years, I was always been fed new music by our wonderful band leader, but in the past year since we’ve stopped, I have sort of fallen off the Christian Music radar (particularly any new music or upcoming artists especially in the Catholic music arena).


Hence my joy at discovering the Catholic Playlist Show online as a podcast – and subsequently learning of the wonderful app available to easily listen to the weekly show (and archived show) when I’m on the go!

According to their Podbean site,

“The Catholic Playlist show, produced and distributed by Holy Family Communications, Inc, was created by Jeff Compton, General Manager of WJTA 88.9FM [in addition, you can listen to Jeff and Lincoln Bramlage on Holy Family Radio Live!]to address the overall lack of contemporary music on Catholic radio.”

Their website also mentions that this ministry is completely listener supported – so if you can please consider making a donation (monetary or spiritual) to keep this innovative and unique idea on the air.

Every 60 minute episode features only Catholic artists, and what a pleasant surprise — there are way more of them than I ever imagined. This format is used not only to share popular releases but also new ones, as well as give an outlet for new artists to be heard as well.

Frankly, I enjoyed the periodic (very brief) ad breaks as well, from ministries such as Young Catholic Minute (for which I’ve been a fan for a long time), and thought-provoking segments such as the Chesterton Minute and One Minute Monk.

In addition to having the entire hour podcast to play on your computer or phone (through the app – found by searching on Catholic Playlist / Holy Family Communications), you can find all the featured music on Spotify (**most likely a future column on this second great unearthing!), just search CatholicPlaylist – nope, not a typo – search as all one word.

Here are some of my favorites from the music recently featured!

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