Daily Gospel Reflection for February 11, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Mark 7:1-13

Jesus is baptizing. John is also baptizing. There is an “abundance of water,” so it seems we not need be concerned with being anything but thoroughly cleansed by our own baptisms and our faithfulness to those vows.

We stand with John. We recognize as we live out our vocations as Catholic moms, that we are not the Christ. By His grace, we live and move and have our being.

We wake, we serve, we love, we offer. When we fail, we dive back into the grace in sacramental confession, and emerge from the plunge even stronger. We recognize our need, and want, our thirst, and see, interestingly enough, that it is in the “decrease” that we see Him “increase.”

Like John, we ask for the greatest of all virtues: humility. This is our joy. It becomes complete when we give ourselves away in love- of our families, our children. And somehow, in this humility, this decrease, we become more ourselves. He has filled us with His grace. He has increased.


How has the gift of humility manifested itself in your life?


Dear Lord, by the intercession of St. John the Baptist, give us the grace to stay faithful to our baptismal vows. We ask for the great virtue of humility so that in serving our loved ones, and decreasing our need for self-gratification, we might find our true selves and increase in the great joy that you promise. Amen.

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Cindy Costello is a praying wife and mom who is settling into her empty nest. More than fall trees and caramel lattes, she loves a pen hitting paper to create something unique and beautiful for God. Cindy is challenging herself intellectually and getting ready for Career #2 by pursuing a MA in Theology. And on the side she gives parish talks and retreats , specializing in Theology of the Body and all things Catholic! Visit her website at CindyACostello.com.


  1. When I started reading your reflection I thought I read the wrong Gospel reading for today! Then I got the connection. What a cool way of looking at the requirement to be washed as totally fulfilled. Love it!

    As for humility, we are practicing it especially now as it becomes more and more difficult for us to pay bills and for the extras that come up. Relying on others’ generosity and the Lord’s provision is humbling, yet amazing to witness.

    • Kelly,
      I must thank you for your kindness, but your first reaction was the correct one! The wrong reflection was posted for today….how wonderful that you could still find a jewel in there to work with! I rejoice with you in how God is allowing for the grace of humility to flow into the circumstances of your life- and even more in your generous response to Him!

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