Do You Have Your Fats Straight?

Sarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist

Sarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist

With all the information and misinformation surrounding fats these days, the thought of decoding which ones are the “healthy fats”, defined very differently depending on who you talk to, may seem overwhelming!  Fortunately, my friend, Sarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist, delivers a thoroughly researched, heavily referenced, concise guide.  This no-nonsense book on dietary fats, Get Your Fats Straight, cuts through the mess of propaganda that has bombarded us all.

One of the most harmful changes brought about by the modern industrialization of our food supply was the replacement of the natural, nutrient-dense fats our ancestors thrived on, with processed vegetable oils–oils historically new to the human diet. This radical change was based on two factors: bogus science that vilified saturated fat and cholesterol (thank you, Ancel Keys), and the edible oil industry’s financial interest, including the backing of the propaganda most of us grew up with.

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