A Scavenger Hunt for Celebrating St. Valentine with a 2-Year-Old


We’re trying to live more liturgically around here this year, but my oldest kid is two. So, let’s face it: she can’t do much. She doesn’t “get it” yet. And that’s ok. We can still do this. It’s just that all of those cutesy ideas and educational lesson plans on Pinterest just won’t work for us yet.

But it’s Valentine’s Day and I wanna party.

So, we’re going with easy ideas: coloring sheets, dressing in red and pink, eating chocolate, reading books about love, making a list of people we love. And, we’re doing a scavenger hunt. And, I want to share it with you.

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids

You can do this all on its own just for the fun of it. Or, if you’re feeling really fancy, reward your kids with some chocolate or another treat after finishing it. You’re the momma – it’s your call. Right click to save and print or pin it to use later. Love you!

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