Daily Gospel Reflection for February 14, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Mark 7:31-37


Today’s Gospel shows us that Jesus is on the move even spreading his message to Gentile territory.  We he arrives he sees that these Gentiles have heard of Him and want Him to cure one of their own, a deaf man with a speech impediment.


Which one of us doesn’t struggle to actually listen to what those around us are trying to say?  Who can say that their speech doesn’t trip them up every day, in one way or another like saying too little or blabbing too much? Although this man has a true disability, I think we can all relate to the man in the story in need of healing.


Christ performs this miraculous healing in a unique way.  He doesn’t heal him in public for all to see as He had done so many other times in His ministry on earth.  Jesus does the healing in private, one on one.  He is showing us that He alone knows what we need to be healed and He can cure it within the depths of our hearts.


Jesus commands, “Be opened” and the man is healed.  If only we were open to all God does in our private lives!  How different would life be?


He then tells the people not to speak of the miracle.  Yet the people couldn’t help but spread the word.  They were beside themselves.  They say, “He has done everything well.  The deaf hear and the mute speak.”


This further reveals the trouble with their mouths and ours.  When it is good news, we can’t wait to tell everyone even if someone asks us not to share it.  When it is bad news, unfortunately, we often want to share it more.


Today reflect on the ways that you are deaf to others.  Think carefully about the way your speech impedes you.


Are you too busy to listen to others? Are you too busy talking that you forget to really hear? Do you repeat things others ask you not to?


Lord, privately heal my ears and mouth.  Allow me to “be open” to what You and others want to share with me.  Amen.

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  1. Your reflection hit home on exactly what I am working on – controlling my mouth. I often ask Our Lady to stuff her mantle into my mouth before I speak! Maybe if I look at it with your angle – listen more, talk less – and continue to respond to God’s grace, I will become successful in conquering this fault. Thanks for being as avenue of God’s grace.

  2. Jesus gave to that man the possibility to be inside his community again. He couldn’t hear, then, probably he was illiterate, the only way to learn about God, would be listening to. Speechless it was impossible worship God. Without those basics conditions to communicate he was in the edge. Jesus allows him to be part of a community, He make this man human been again.
    This Gospel opens ours hearts to the limitations of the others, whose can be ours. To be sensitive is a gift for who are humble, who helps without an expectations.

  3. Great reflection Ellen! Thank you! It struck me the way in which Jesus healed….putting his fingers in his ears, using spit, and groaning. Other times He healed without even being there! (Jairus’ daughter). It reminds me to be open to just HOW He might want to heal me in any one circumstance!

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