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Many moons ago, when I was but a wee little blogger, I came across this author of a book about Mary. She was this cutie pie California girl who had some tiny boys and wrote charming stories.

And her writing about Mary! It struck me, right in the heart, and turned a bit. It has stayed with me, all these years later, and that book remains a favorite, as does that author’s blog.

The author, as it turns out, is none other than our very own Ginny Moyer, who’s been contributing here at since 2009. I’ve been enjoying Ginny’s Random Acts of Momness since before it was called that, and…well, I’ll let her tell you about it. But if she’s not on your daily read list, she should be.

And did I mention that today’s her birthday? Yes, it is. So leave some comment love and some happy birthday-ing. It’s a day to celebrate her!

On with the interview!

Tell us about your blog in five words or less.

Motherhood. Faith. Keeping it real.

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Why did you start blogging?

My husband suggested it, actually.  My blog started in 2008, under the title of (the name of my first book).  He thought blogging about Mary would be right up my alley, and it was … I loved the freedom of being able to share on any subject I wanted. (This is how posts about BBC costume dramas ended up finding their way in among the ones on Mary and faith.)

After my second son was born, I found I was blogging less about Mary and more about motherhood in general.  I realized it was time to rename the blog, so it went from  to (My husband came up with the name.  He’s a keeper, isn’t he?)

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Why do you keep blogging? What’s your inspiration to continue?

I’m a word nerd, so I get so much pleasure from constructing sentences and looking for the perfect phrase to capture an experience or mood.  With blogging, you can also lob those words out there right away without having to wait months for a magazine to accept and run the piece.  That instant gratification is pretty nice.

Blogging has also been great for developing as a writer.  When you aren’t trying to fit the tone of a certain publication, you have freedom to develop your own personal writing voice.  From a professional perspective, that has been enormously valuable to me.

Finally, I’ve found that writing is prayer for me.  When I realized that, so much of this whole writing thing made sense.

When you think of the New Evangelization as a Catholic blogger, what excites you? What makes you want to continue?

I love the idea that there are so many ways to talk about the Catholic faith.  We each have our own style and approach, and if my little blog says something that makes someone open their mind to Catholicism, that’s fabulous.  Not every blogger will be everyone’s cup of tea, which is why it’s great that there are so many different Catholic voices out there.  As someone once said, this Catholic tent is big enough for all of us.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your blogging?

A while back, I wrote a list of all the people who have come into my life through my blogging/writing.   Seeing the names all in one place was pretty impressive; it showed me how much this blog has connected me with terrific people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  That’s been such a blessing.

In your spare time, what are we likely to find you doing?

Reading, gardening, playing with ideas for another book, watching British TV with the hubby, playing games with the kiddos, ignoring the housework.  Sitting at my prayer desk and savoring the silence.

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  1. I ‘met’ Ginny through CM when I won her Mary and Me book and I’m so glad! i haven’t subscribed to your blog yet so I should do that. I love what you say here – “Finally, I’ve found that writing is prayer for me. When I realized that, so much of this whole writing thing made sense.” It’s an excellent way to put it!
    Thanks for sharing your “prayers”.

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