Catholic Sistas Features Great New Series

Catholic Sistas has two amazing new series we have started and we would love to have you come join us!

The first series is a line by line look at the prayer, Anima Christi, a prayer often said after receiving Holy Communion.

anima christi reflection series

In this series, Ink Slingers have taken one line of the prayer to reflect and write about the meaning of the line in the context of the entire prayer.

ode to feminine genius catholic sistas

The second series is an indepth look into the ever-popular Proverbs 31 Woman. The series, called Ode to Feminine Genius: The Proverbs 31 Catholic Woman, is a never-before-done look at how this Scripture applies to our lives as Catholic women. In the introduction post, Proverbs 31 is broken down into nine sections.

  • Frugal
  • Strong
  • Diligent
  • Merciful
  • Hospitable 
  • Industrious
  • Family
  • Faithful
  • Beautiful

As you can see from the categories alone, there is much that can be written about any of those topics! While the focus of the articles will be on practical applications of living out that particular aspect of our lives, elements from Proverbs 31 will be woven throughout each written work. They will also focus on the writer’s particular embracement of an element such as frugal, or strong.

*The emphasis will be placed on the idea that these practical tips work for the writer, with the invitation for others to try some of the tips out, but not with the theme of this is how it must be done in order to be an Industrious Woman or Frugal Woman, for example.

We look forward to seeing you at Catholic Sistas!

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