Daily Gospel Reflection for February 20, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Mark 8:27-33

“You are the Christ.”

Peter makes this remarkable statement of faith. No one had said that before. No one had said to Jesus – You are the Messiah. You are the Christ.

Then Peter turns around and actually rebukes Jesus for saying that he is going to be killed. Did Peter really understand what it meant to be the Christ? Did he really know who Jesus was?Do we?
One minute we have the faith that can move mountains. The next minute, we doubt.

Like Peter, we think like humans do, not as God does.

The good news is that Jesus knows our hearts. He knows we may falter or get anxious or scared at times. But he also knows that we pray and we hope and we hang onto our faith the best we can.
And like Peter, we too can make that awesome statement of faith:

Jesus, you are the Christ.


What do you think it means to think as God does? What has helped you to grow in your faith?


Dear Jesus, help me to let go of my fears and grow in my faith, confident in your loving presence. Amen.

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Colleen Spiro is a Catholic mother, grandmother and a deacon’s wife. A certified spiritual director, Colleen loves to share her faith and encourage others through her retreats and writings. You can read her reflections at her website, Catholic Prayer Life and read or listen to her podcast at Finding God in the Everyday.


  1. Thank you Colleen for your reminder of what it’s like to be an all too human disciple of the Lord. As James wrote in his Epistle – we are sometimes like a (wo)man of two minds… and the results of this condition certainly can affect our prayers and reactions to each day’s events. God give us (holy) Wisdom. That request pleased God when it came from Solomon.

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