Simple and Unique Salads for Any Time of the Year


SimplySaladsBySeason.530Simple and Unique Salads Made With Local Seasonal Foods

When most people think “salads” nowadays, they think about those pre-packaged, pre-washed and ready-to-eat bagged mixes of lettuce that might also include some half-dehydrated shredded carrots and a little purple cabbage.  Yes, it’s convenient. As convenient as the bottled, genetically-modified, polyunsaturated fatty acid and preservative-laden concoctions sold as salad dressings to go with it, but does thinking about it make your mouth water? Do you look forward to your next pre-mixed salad?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Enter the new book, Simply Salads by Season, by my friend, Kristen Michaelis, a.k.a., “Food Renegade”.

This is the stuff of foodie daydreams, especially if you’re a salad freak like I am.

Simply Salads is arranged by season, which successfully demonstrates that salads aren’t just a summer food!  Each season’s section is full of recipes for fruit salads, side salads, and heartier main dish salads that highlight different offerings according to growing season, so we can obtain local ingredients that change in availability throughout the year.

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