The Pill Isn't Good for You


Am I the only one noticing that almost every teenager who begins to cycle is put on on birth control?  My daughter first pointed it out to me when she told me that all of her friends are taking birth control, even the ones who are not sexually active.

These young women are taking birth control almost like one would take a vitamin, as it is now being perceived as something that PROMOTES gynecological health.  Young people believe the pill is good for them.

There are many reasons they believe that being on birth control is good for them.  They believe that it helps them to regulate their cycles: it regulates their hormones so they do not have mood swings.  They believe the pill helps them to have clear skin and will control acne breakouts.  They believe that being on the pill will enable them to avoid painful menstrual cramps.  They also believe that being on the Pill will help them have lighter periods so they don’t have to deal with such long or heavy cycles. In fact, some of the birth control methods can cause a young woman to stop having periods entirely.

So if we understand this correctly, young women believe that the Pill will regulate cycles, clear up their skin, help them be happier, and make their periods become almost non-existent. Who doesn’t want that when they are 15?  Clear skin alone would have sold me.  I also had horrific cramps that made me miss school so getting rid of pain? I would have been all in.

In fact I was all in. I was sold that tripe when I was only 14 years old.  My dad was upset I missed school because of cramps and the doctor said the Pill would help regulate my cycles so I was not so crampy.

I believe this mentality of the Pill being good for you has now bypassed that it’s just being something that can help you, like a medicine helps you. It is now being promoted like a vitamin. Vitamins are good for you. They are necessary for us to be healthy.  Many of us do not get the daily vitamins we need so we take a man-made vitamin to help promote health and well-being.  We take Vitamin C so we don’t get sick, calcium for strong bones etc.

Just like a vitamin, birth control is now being understood by the next generation of mothers to be a “good thing” that every young woman should be taking. It is no longer being seen as a medicine but as a vitamin that will help their reproductive organs develop the way they should, almost like our bodies have it wrong and this little pill helps our bodies to get it right.

We are facing an uphill battle. Our arguments that the Pill can cause breast cancer are falling on deaf ears. We are no longer talking to people who know that the Pill is a drug that has side effects.We are now talking to people who believe the Pill is actually good for them.

To make matters worse, the young women who ARE having sex are not usually using the pill but are implanting their bodies with devices, which are also being promoted as “good for them.”  One example is ParaGard and it is being promoted to every college student that walks into the health center on campuses across the country.  It is almost always FREE and is explained as a very small device that uses absolutely no hormones at all and can keep them pregnancy free for up to 12 years.  When they are ready to start a family they can have it removed and get pregnant the very next month!  (I got that information from the Planned Parenthood website.)

Free birth control, hormone free, and they don’t have to take anything and it’s all “natural”?  We’d better wake up and begin dealing with what is happening on college campuses around the country or the infertility phenomenon is going to increase.  I predict we are on the verge of a huge epidemic of infertility caused by these “all natural” and “good for you” birth control devices.  If I am right, this will open the door to Frankenstein’s laboratory where we will see the creation of human life through means of which we never could have possibly imagined.

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  1. I agree with Catholic teachings in this matter but I believe it is important to have accurate information. Are you saying the Pill doesn’t do the things you mentioned? My own experience of the Pill would negate this. And I don’t understand where you get infertilty crisis from the use of the implants in college age women. As long as one is not having intercourse while on the Pill, what is wrong with enjoying the benfits? Your argument would be bolstered by more (or any ) scientific data. If there is any data that support your claims, please supply it.

    • Many women know that the pill can cause blood clots, stroke, heart attack, weight gain, and decreased libido. Less well-known is that it is classified as a group one carcinogen for breast, liver, and cervical cancers,1 which is the same classification as cigarettes and asbestos. This risk is highest for women who have not yet had a full-term pregnancy. While it is true that the pill decreases risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers, these are rather rare types which most women have little risk of, while breast cancer is the most common cancer death among women of childbearing age. I hope your doctor has told you of these side effects if you are on the pill.

      Here is something that you probably were not informed of: the pill ages the cervix about two years for every one year of use. This is one reason why pill use can lead to infertility later on (and why the contraceptive industry fuels the multi-billion dollar infertility industry). The cervix produces different types of cervical fluid, and each type has a different function. When a woman is in the infertile part of her cycle, her body produces a type of cervical fluid that blocks sperm from entering her cervix and uterus. During the 100 hours of her cycle when a woman is capable of becoming pregnant, her cervix produces types of fluid that protect, nourish, and guide sperm to her possibly waiting egg, as well as filtering out defective sperm. One function of the pill is that it changes her cervix so that it increases the amount of crypts that make the fluid that blocks sperm and decreases the amount of crypts that aid conception. This process happens naturally with age, but it happens twice as fast for pill-users.

      The pill also changes her chemistry and cellular function as to make a woman more susceptible to getting HIV/AIDS and other STDs.2 Pill-use increases susceptibility to HIV/AIDS, increases the rate of replication of the HIV virus, and speeds the debilitating effects of the disease. Pill and Depo-Provera use is a likely reason why more women have HIV than men.

      The pill causes so many hormonal and physical changes in a woman’s body that it seems there are always new discoveries about yet another way the pill affects a woman’s body. Several studies have shown that the pill also affects the Major Histo-Compatibility (MHC) complex,3 which plays a role in immune function. Non pill-users are more attracted to a mate that has different MHC genes than her own. Though research is ongoing, it is suspected that this aids the immune function of their offspring, as the children would have a more complete MHC profile. Pill-users, however, are more attracted to MHC-similar mates, which leads some to suspect pill-use as contributing to the growing rate of children now dealing with various immune disorders.

      Read more here;

  2. I agree with you entirely. I was on the pill for 6 years and the doctors try saying that being on a drug that long you have no side effects! That is not true. I’ve been reading this book that talks about the effects of drugs and man made food. It’s all about the money, so why wouldn’t the pharmacy industry want me to be fertile? If I’m infertile then they get more money because of the drugs I need to get me fertile.
    Again about not having any side effects after 6 years… Well I’m infertile and probably have candida yeast build up caused in part by birth control. I didn’t educate myself before getting on birth control but every time so someone talks about it I try to pipe in facts.

  3. Brian K Kravec on

    Hi Christina – I’m wrestling with this topic as the father of teen daughter whose physician has recommended hormone therapy for legitimate medical reasons that you reference in this piece. Your response would be genuinely appreciated.

    From the USCCB:

    Is there ever a time “contraceptives” may be used for medical reasons?

    Catholic teaching does not oppose the use of hormonal medications – such as those found in chemical contraceptives – for legitimate medical purposes, provided there is no contraceptive intent.

    But artificial hormones typically treat only the medical symptoms. They do not correct the underlying disease or condition. They also carry the same physical health risks as hormonal contraceptives.

    Thankfully, with growing advancements in understanding fertility, knowledgeable gynecologists can often prescribe non-contraceptive drugs and recommend safer and healthier treatments to correct underlying problems or eliminate discomfort.

    From Catholic Answers:

    Since the birth control pill came out in the early 1960’s, the Catholic Church has taught that it is morally acceptable to take it for medical reasons. The encyclical, Humanae Vitae states the following:

    “15. On the other hand, the Church does not consider at all illicit the use of those therapeutic means necessary to cure bodily diseases, even if a foreseeable impediment to procreation should result there from—provided such impediment is not directly intended for any motive whatsoever. (19) “

    • Brian,
      While taking “the pill” for medical reasons and not for it’s contraceptive purposes is morally permissible by the Church, medical data is proving that it’s causing more problems than it solves. Not to mention all of the information out there about how it changes our pheromones, attracting the worst possible mate to ourselves. Dr. Janet Smith has written a number of articles as well as published a number of DVDs and CDs explaining all of this. God know’s what he is doing. He has created our bodies in such a way to emmit pharmones that attract persons who are genetically compatible with us. Meaning that their offspring will not have as many chromosomes all defects. Not to mention the proof in medical data showing us that women that are on the birth control pill will see their cervix age 2 times more quickly than someone who is not on contraception. There is so much scientific data proving that taking oral contraception to help deal with hormone related issues causes a huge number of side effects that I don’t believe we should be putting our young girls on. There is something called NaPro technology which is a better alternative. I suggest you check that out. Check out these articles;
      I will post more links

    • Brian,

      Look up the doctors at the Tepeyac family center in Fairfax, VA. This is an amazing ob/gyn practice rooted in Catholic teaching. If you call and ask to speak to a doctor I’m sure they could provide excellent counsel. If you don’t get through to them right away keep calling. They are very busy! God bless!

  4. Christina, I read a great book written by a pharmacist called “A Consumer’s Guide to the Pill and Other Drugs,” which I found might be credible to non-Catholics who argue in favor of the Pill’s “health” benefits, due to the fact that it was NOT written from a religious or moral perspective. In fact, it was based on scientific research and evidence that the Pill – as well as other hormonal contraceptives – are actually CARCINOGENIC in nature. So I would take your argument one step further and say, not only is the Pill NOT healthy for young girls (or any women), but it is actually MALEFICENT!

  5. There are so many catch 22s with birth control pills. My sister in law is taking a drug for her severe acne but in order to even be allowed to take the drug she has to be on birth control. She’s not sexually active (at 20) but the chance that she could be raped or choose to have sex if she ended up pregnant the drug could be very damaging to a fetus. So they don’t allow you on the drug without being also on birth control. I’ve used birth control off and on through out the years mainly because my mother had ovarian cancer and had to undergo a radical hysterectomy at 43 because of it. Some pills have been found to be effect against preventing ovarian cancer but the longer you are on them the higher the risk of breast cancer. I’ve also never had a “regular” “predictable” cycle off of birth control. But I suffer from severe depression and any artificial hormones make it even worse. So yes there are a lot of problems with birth control but I also believe there are also times when using it might be in a woman’s best interest, under close medical supervision to treat a condition.

  6. Jill Brodrick on

    My daughter is 17 years old. She was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency when she was 3 yrs old due to her abnormally small pituitary gland. She received growth hormone treatments and did very well. Now we are learning that she has an extremely low estrogen level perhaps due to the fact that her pituitary gland is not telling her ovaries to produce estrogen. I am still learning and trying to understand all of this. We are seeing a gyn endocronolgist next week and I am concerned that they are going to reccomend she goes on the pill. (After all it is okay because everyone does it and the risks are minimal). It is so frustrating because they tell you that and it is difficult to know where to go to get answers and even harder to explain it to your daughter we “everyone” is on the pill and and the doctor who you are supposed to trust is telling her that is what she needs. I live in germantown maryland. Can you offer any suggestions to help me. Thank you.

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