Why ‘Disability’ Label is How God Created Me


dan_overcomingdisabilitysterotypesvideo-300x170We all have abilities and we all have disabilities, or diffabilities, as I’d like to refer to this label as. Is changing the term disability a bad thing? The short answer is no. The term disabilities is something that is a part of who God created me to be. The note that people should be aware about is that they should see the label “disability” not as a hinderance, but rather as just a “different ability,” hence the term “diffabilities.”

I wouldn’t change who I am with this “disability” label–learning disabilities (LD) and a speech disorder. Some may ask why I have just disclosed in this public forum of a blog the “D-Card.” Let me explain.

dan-premie-birthI was born three-and-a-third-months premature and as a result was born with LD and a speech disorder. Some people may say that I don’t have a disability and the response that I have is simple. LD is a “hidden disability,” something that I was diagnosed with and is on the “inside” of me. This LD, hidden disability, is a challenge that I deal with internally as I’m accomplishing a task. One of the LD struggles that I have is a processing issue, it may take me a while to understand something.

While, the LD is a “hidden disability,” the Speech Disorder that I also have been diagnosed with is a “visible disability,” meaning that it’s something people “see” or at least can visually see as an obstacle or challenge that I have to deal with.

I believe that God created me with this “disability label” diagnosis as a way to give me the talents and gifts of communication and telling journalistic stories. One may say why I like to communication via an audio medium, such as podcasting or on the radio. It is because of God and the strength that he has given me to use these talents and gifts to communicate.

If you’d like to read more about my thoughts on the term disability or diffability, then I encourage you to read a previous blog post. I could continue and tell how you I’ve had to overcome and deal with the disability stereotypes that people have placed on me, but let’s have one of my friend’s and coworker, James Risley, tell you more about disability stereotypes in the form of an inspiring and encouraging multimedia news profile story:

[youtube_sc url=http://youtu.be/UvuXfrLtyZM]

Join in the conversation! What do you think about the “disability” label? What are your thoughts on how God created someone who is diagnosed with the “disability” label?

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Daniel Smrokowski is a December 2012 graduate from Roosevelt University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. He is the Founder and Executive Director of SpecialChronicles.com, and the podcaster and blogger for the Special Chronicles and the RUInspired podcasts. He is a young journalist who was the recipient of the 2012 Matthew Freeman Award for Social Justice for his continuing efforts via media and reporting to give people with disabilities a voice. Through his work as a Podcaster, Blogger, Journalist, Public Speaker, Multimedia specialist, radio show host, and Award Winning Special Olympian, he enjoys spreading the message to respect others, like himself, who were diagnosed with the "disability" label.

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  1. I am blessed with a mom who has a big heart with a great capacity for love. She retired as a I.A., working in the school system with children with learning disabilities – invisible like ADD and visible like Downs. She also tutored many of her students in our home and still does. Because I grew familiar with children with different abilities, I am comfortable with all people. I like to think my mom great love flow out not only onto her students but onto me as well. I not sure the “disability” label is fair, and my mom would agree, since, as you say, we all have different abilities and disabilities.

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