Daily Gospel Reflection for February 28, 2014


Today’s Gospel: Mark 10:1-12

Jesus is not one to mince his words and in this Gospel speaks so clearly about sins which have become so commonplace in our time that few even blink when hearing of them.  I know many people who have experienced the pain of divorce and sadly it was often coupled with abuses of one form or another.  Jesus would have compassion and so we to must have compassion.  I have learned, personally and professionally that we never know a person’s story and therefore should not judge.  Even if we think we know the whole story, we don’t.  Only God does.  I sometimes think that the persons involved don’t know or understand the whole story.  And so how can we?

When faced with the sorrows of these sins compassion and mercy come first, before trying to share the truth our faith teaches us.


How can I show love to those who have experienced the pain of divorce?


Lord, help all people who are struggling in marriage.  Protect those in abusive situations and guide those who seek to end their marriages to your truth.  Help me to be an example of fidelity, no matter my state in life.  Amen.

Copyright 2014 Deanna Bartalini

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