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My favorite book in the whole world is The Bible.  No really, I mean that, it is not just my “this will make me sound really holy” answer.  It is truly my favorite book. 


My second favorite, and quite possibly as under-used as my first favorite book, is The Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Sadly, I did not discover this book until I was in my late 30s—granted, it wasn’t even written until my mid-20s. Still, I had nearly a decade that I could have been enlightened by the rich teaching within its pages that I disregarded.

This week I discovered a new website, Reverb Culture, for young adults and centered on my second favorite book.  The site, really a movement, is run by a group that touts themselves as,

“those crazy people who believe the Catechism is a game-changer. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re striving to retransform the letter into a living voice.”

This definition intrigued me, and as I watched the introductory/welcome video by Edmund Mitchell, it was clear the group would be living up to this billing.  I was hooked and had to explore further.

Yes, I am fully aware I am not a young adult. That does make the information any less spiritually enriching – so we ‘oldies’ will absolutely benefit from this page’s content.  Honestly my main purpose was to investigate and share with my young adult son.  I know he, like many feel that there are very little opportunities for young adults to connect or stay connected with the Church.

Reverb Culture offers community – they are looking not just to feed you information or to engage you in discussion about a book but ideally to invite you into a relationship.  A relationship that is foremost with God but also with each other.   In my humble opinion, this is both needed and brilliant!

Some of my favorite quotes found on the site or in the site’s media:

Why call it Culture?    “Culture is a response to revelation”

“We can wrestle with the Catechism.  Which would be hilarious to physically wrestle with the Catechism. We are hoping it is a place where you can wrestle with how you can use the Cathechism… ”

“We don’t know what this will become.  We have a blog side where we will be exploring the Cathechism. Also a podcast… exploring a lot of different topics.  Also have an online session where we can just hang out and do a kind of 1 hour study and share.”

The design of the site is very quirky (in a good way) and hip. I was intrigued by the unique scrolling ‘action’ built into the design of the site. In order to reach the page content, the viewer must use the scroll bar on the right.  As you scroll down, the page ascends UP of the static background – ok maybe it is all an illusion but that is how I perceived it!  True confession: it took me a few minutes to figure that out, but once I did, I really liked the ascetic and readability of this format.

The content that I viewed on the site (as of 2/23/14) was solid, thought-provoking, witty, and very well done.  I highly recommend visiting Reverb Culture, and sharing it with all the young adults in your parishes and your families!

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