40 Days, 40 Bowls of Soups


Over at my personal blog, ThePracticingCatholic.com, I share a bit about my family’s desire toward living an intentionally, joyful Catholic life. This Lent my family is striving to be very intentional about the food we select to nourish our bodies. Here’s what we’ve got cooking at Das Schmidt Haus this Lent.

Friends of mine recently introduced me to the tradition of eating only soups for dinner throughout Lent. Intrigued, I began researching the history of soup, and I found a story about how the French once sold a concentrated, inexpensive soup called a “restaurant” (a restorative) in the 1500s. It was billed as a cure for exhaustion.

What was that again? Exhaustion, you say? I think we’re on to something here.

I’m sensing dining over bowls of “restoratives” throughout Lent is just what I need this year, and I pray that come Easter Sunday, I will feel restored and spiritually recharged. Not only am I planning on eating forty bowls of soup, I’m also running a Lenten blog series called Soups and Stories.


Twenty or so guest bloggers have graciously agreed to bless my digital home and submit a guest post for the series. Some bloggers’ names you’ll likely recognize; others may be new to you. All of them are faithful Catholics who inspire me to keep on living an intentionally, joyful Catholic life.

I humbly invite you to join along. Posts will be published on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays throughout Lent at ThePracticingCatholic.com.

Each guest blogger will share a recipe for one of their favorite soups accompanied by a short story. The stories might share an inspirational thought for your Lenten journey, a humorous anecdote from that blogger’s kitchen, or helpful cooking tips to accompany the recipe. Maybe even all of the above!

Whatever you have planned for your kitchen this Lent, I pray we all will feel restored and spiritually recharged come Easter Sunday. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to incorporate some of the ideas shared throughout the series.

Now I’m off to sharpen the kitchen knife, prepare the stockpots, and shine the soup ladle. Here’s to spiritual restoration! What’s on your menu this Lent?

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  1. Love, love, love this idea! I cannot wait to gather all these recipes, and of course read the anecdotes that accompany them! Fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing.



  2. I can’t wait! It can be such a struggle to find meatless recipes for some in my family that can’t eat wheat or dairy. Usually soups can work or be modified to work!

  3. I cooked the roasted mushroom soup today, a day early! It is delicious! Thank you for sharing such a great idea.

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