Daily Gospel Reflection for March 6, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Luke 9:22-25

I know two women who battled cancer.  Upon diagnosis the first woman said, “Why me God? I’ve tried to lead a good life; why would you punish me like this?”

The second woman said, “Well God, why not me!  I’m sure you could have picked someone holier and stronger but you didn’t so please show me how to use this suffering to bring me and those who love me closer to You.” I know for a fact that the second woman clung to this passage from Luke’s Gospel like a life raft; that woman was my mom!

If the greatest, purest, holiest most awesome man to ever walk this earth experienced suffering, pain, and anguish what in the world makes us think we should be exempt?

Time and again I greet inconveniences and small sufferings with distain instead of embracing them and allowing them to help me grow in faith.  Little things like a car that won’t start, a checkbook that won’t balance, and a pile of dirty laundry that multiplies at the speed of light are my crosses to bear.

Some days I’m a lousy cross bearer!  I like to wiggle and whine and pout.  I like to climb on my soap box and lament the fact that if my family appreciated me and respected me the way I deserved I would get a little more help and cooperation. Truth is, loving and serving my family with my whole heart is part of my vocation as a mother and sometimes it is exactly the cross I am called to bear.

My mother always said, “The greatest way to serve God is to serve others, so go fold the socks and serve God!”

It truly takes a servant’s heart to take up our daily crosses.  The burdens and sufferings of our days are meant to help us depend on the love of the Father.  The harder we lean on Him as we bear our crosses, the more united we become to Him and the less important our needs, wishes and desires become. My mom understood that completely and lived that understanding beautifully right to the end!


Make a list of the crosses you need to “take up.”  Ask God to help you see how to do it gracefully and faithfully.  Make a note of someone in your life that bears a heavy cross in an inspiring way and think about what you can learn from their example.


Jesus be my guide as I try to pick up my cross and move closer to You.

Copyright 2014 Sheri Wohlfert


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Sheri is a Catholic wife, mom, speaker and teacher. She uses her great sense of humor and her deep faith to help others discover the joy of being a child of God. Her roots are in Kansas but her home is in Michigan. The mission of her ministry is to encourage others to look at the simple ways we can all find God doing amazing things smack dab in the middle of the laundry, ball games, farm chores and the hundred other things we manage to cram into a day. Sheri also writes at JoyfulWords.org.

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  1. Sheri, what a wonderful reflection! Your mother sounds like she was a very great and strong example of loving Christianity. Our American culture does not embrace suffering as unity with Christ. You give us a much needed reminder of how through suffering and bearing our crosses “the more united we become to Him.”

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