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There are many blessings to living in Massachusetts.  As a self-proclaimed Catholic Geek, one of those is being so close to the CatholicTV studios in Watertown, MA.   I was absolutely giddy at my first visit there in November, and even giddier when I returned in February, 2014, and was given a behind the scenes tour!  Reviewing CatholicTV’s new website, brought together, with pure joy I may add, my Catholic Geek side and my Tech Nerd persona!

CatholicTV recently re-launched their website – and now it is optimized for viewing not just on laptops and desktops but also tablets and smartphone.  In the March, 2014, The Catholic TV Month[1] magazine, Sean Ward, wrote, “Since, 1997, the CatholicTV Network has made use of the Internet to connect viewers with its programming. “

Here are a couple additional quotes from Ward’s article that explained why the CatholicTV website changes were made and what wonderful new features you will find:

“We wanted our new website to be both scalable and open to development in line with the every-changing landscape of the Internet.”

“Our task remains to keep finding creative ways of proclaiming the Gospel message, of telling the story of faith in the daily lives of people and in their parishes,” Fr. Robert Reed.

“We rely on viewer funding, so we decided we don’t really need a flashy website.  Our programming is flashy enough. And the site is more relevant to today’s Catholic and even those not immersed in the religion but searching for a destination on the World Wide Web to learn more about Catholicism.”

It is indeed all of that and more.  It is crisp, easy to navigate, and chock full of videos – as well as live streaming!

Site Features:

Trending – videos that are aligned to what is currently happening in the church and being seen on CatholicTV.

Masses – Never miss the Mass! Live online every day at 9:30 ET.  What I love about the TV Mass, I can pause, rewind, or watch (especially the Homily) again and again (or save for a later time).  Of course, it does not take the place of attending Mass and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, but it sure is a gift for when you are sick on the weekend, or not able to get to Daily Mass. It is not only one way we can continue to grow in faith but with the ability to share the web link – makes it a fabulous evangelization tool as well!

Also available on

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  • Recommended

During Lent, I am challenging myself to share more Catholic content on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  Sharing links from CatholicTV is definitely included in this plan, and the re-launched site makes it all the easier.  Got a favorite to share?

[1] The entire article can be found in The CatholicTV monthly magazine online.  This beautiful magazine is available every  month online, or if you prefer a print version that can be ordered and delivered for free!


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