Pinterest – The Lenten Edition


I love Lent. I am just a Lenten Nerd.  I love the camaraderie as we sacrifice, pray, and serve to grow closer to Christ and become “more holier” versions of ourselves.  Grace, that undeserved yet freely gift of God’s Holy Spirit within each and every one of us, though always abundant, at this time seems overabundant!  Maybe it is because more of us are not only asking for God’s amazing grace, but actually cooperating with it as well.

To help us cooperate even further, here are three Pinterest Boards I stumbled across (and LOVED) to enhance your Lenten experience:

Haley Stewart – Liturgical Living: March (Lent)

haley stewart lent

Rachel Manley: Lent

rachel manley lent

Faith Reilly: Lent & Holy Week

faith reilly lent

What are your favorite Lenten Pinterest boards?

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