Moms: Enter “Moms’ Night Out” Premiere Contest and Hit the Red Carpet in Hollywood!

contest_headerI’m so excited about the upcoming launch of the new film Moms’ Night Out. In so many ways, this movie was made to support, uplift and encourage you in your role as a mother. The film is so special, and the filmmakers truly “get” the amazing role women play in nurturing their families.

So they’ve decided to reward to lucky moms with a contest to win a trip of a lifetime. Two lucky moms will win the a trip to Hollywood for the premiere. But before they hit the red carpet, the winners will also get to go dress shopping with Moms’ Night Out star Sarah Drew, so you’ll look awesome as you walk the red carpet at the premiere!

Be sure to enter to win this contest ASAP! And get your tickets early to Moms’ Night Out — everyone who sees this movie will be a winner!

Enter the contest here.

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