Heaven Is for Real: It's THAT Kind of Movie!


You know the kind of thing you put off doing because you know it will change your life forever?

heaven is for real

Well, something inside me knew this movie was going to do that.  I had seen the preview, and knew I had to track down this movie and review it.  I knew this was going to be big and I knew this was truth.

I knew this movie was waiting for me to review, and I  knew it was going to have huge implications.

It’s the big life steps that we sometimes avoid, because it means almost EVERYTHING will change.

You don’t say I love you to your girlfriend/boyfriend.  You don’t propose marriage.  You put off applying for a job.  You put off having children.  You put off breaking up with someone who isn’t good for you.  Maybe you put off going to confession.

Why?  Because once you take that leap, life changes forever.

So instead of watching the movie when I had a chance, I packed my bags for a trip I was taking in a week.  I spent a full day with the kids just enjoying them and being a fun mom.  I worked out for three hours. I even baked brownies, which I haven’t done for two years.  Procrastinating.

I knew I was doing it.  Once you know the truth, you can’t go back to being ignorant.  I have been blessed with faith and belief in Jesus, Mary, heaven, and angels.  So like the pastor in this movie, these weren’t new concepts.  It’s seeing them with new eyes that will change your heart and actions, possibly and hopefully forever.

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This all-star cast, including Greg Kinnear that includes Kelly Reilly (Flight), Thomas Haden Church, and Margo Martindale, is going to take you on a very emotional journey through life, parenting, and the depths of fear including our concerns about death.   A family that started with faith  and suffers trials, is tested again.

The community pulls together in prayer as a four-year-old boy is on the brink of death after a ruptured appendix leads to sepsis.  After surviving, four-year-old Colton slowly leaks information about his journey to heaven in casual conversation to his family that leaves them baffled and amazed.


Not everyone embraces these discussions of heaven, and that leads to social and financial tribulations for all members of this family.

I  knew that there was about 100% chance that I would be crying during this movie, and that’s always a bit hard for me to sign up for.  Sure enough, within 15 minutes of the start I was already in tears and glad my husband was busy elsewhere.

And at 22 minutes into the movie I was cracking up with delight as I watched the enthusiasm of little Colton rocking out in the car!  It sure reminded me of my own kids.

This movie is so down-to-earth and supernatural at the same time, that you better buckle up.

“All things working together for good” and “there is nothing to fear” are themes in my life, and definitely   are true for this moving  story based on the life of a family in Nebraska.  Sometimes you dismiss what a four-year-old might say as fantasy, but not this time.  It’s because he is four that you are going to believe him.

Some of my favorite quotes from the movie:

  • “If heaven is real, then we would all lead different lives, wouldn’t we?”
  • “Haven’t we all experienced a glimpse of heaven already?”
  •  God crushed my pride and opened my heart to love.”


Thinking about those three quotes, I recall the various Marian visions of children 12 and under throughout the centuries.  Through visions and messages to little children our eyes are opened to awaken, and repent, and return to God.

These little children have no motive to deceive.  These innocent are messengers.  We know when they are fabricating something.

Sometimes God sends us little reminders that Heaven is real, and in a way that isn’t in literature.  Sometimes we are given a message through a four-year-old that can’t be explained by science or psychology.

“On Earth as it is in Heaven” is that glimpse of heaven right here.  It’s a baby laughing, a couple holding hands, helping a stranger, anything and everything done out of love is our glimpse of heaven.  Sure, sometimes we say those words, but we need to really grasp the reality of what that means.  Heaven is like earth, but MORE.  Hard to describe, especially for a four-year-old.

Pride certainly gets in the way of all the graces God has in store for us.  We can try to remove that barrier, or God might have to remove it for us in a painful way.  It’s always best to cooperate with the process.  It’s after we remove the pride that we are fully able to love.

Yes,  I had to redo my makeup when the movie was over.  I also have a whole lot of other things I need to redo too.  This is a close encounter with accountability, and demands a life overhaul.   From what I hear, it’s all worth it.

Copyright 2014, Marya Jauregui


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Married to her longtime friend and mommy to 3 high energy children, who demand her constant attention, and direction, Marya serves on the board of directors for a Domestic Violence non-profit. When not working, she is working out, taking the family for nature walks and adventures, or at the movies. She lives in Southern California and feels absolutely blessed to enjoy the beauty of the area every day.


  1. Kelly Guest on

    Thought I could wait until it came out in DVD, but I guess not. Let me get the brownies out of the oven…

  2. The book the movie is from says human souls in heaven have wings. I don’t think Catholics believe that.

  3. As innocent as this movie appears–after all it’s about Heaven, the place where we all want to be after our lives are finished are earth, it is a trick of the devil. No doubt Colton saw “Jesus” but it was not the Jesus in the Bible. Today the devil is having a field day with Christians and all who are unaware of Satan’s powers and do not recognize new age. Satan does appear as Jesus. I have a photo of someone who went to a condemned apparition of Mary and brought back a supposed picture of Jesus. It is the devil in disguise because Jesus would not appear to anyone at a condemned apparition. Christians must be discerning today! These are the end times where the devil has been given more power.

    Colton is scared in Heaven and so angels sing for him. Who would be scared in Heaven? Fallen angels know how to sing, too. Then Jesus has a horse of many colors of the rainbow. Doesn’t this strike you as odd? In new age, the “religion” of the devil, the rainbow represents a regenerative spiritual person who has lived on the “path of enlightenment” (a new age term).

    In the movie version of the book references are made to telepathy and clairvoyance, both new age terms common in psychic experiences. Psychic experiences and psychics themselves are from Satan. Their information, even if some of it is true, comes from the devil who wants us to follow other gods besides Him.

    Colton says everyone has wings in Heaven. This is not true. We become pure spirit in Heaven and we do not have wings. When Jesus appears to people does He have wings? No. Did the saints who appeared to people on earth after they died have wings? No.

    The movie gives the impression that everyone goes to Heaven. Of course, that is not true, and we won’t get to Heaven by following false prophets. Satan is not above using children and unsuspecting victims to spread new age errors today. Read the Bible, pray and do not put your faith in experiences such as this.

    • interesting perspective. I don’t believe that everyone in heaven has wings…but I have never been. Having wings or not doesn’t really affect my faith. The most important message here, is that HEAVEN is REAL. So, if you can take away something positive that strengthens your faith,…then God can use any vehicle to improve your faith. (even a movie with flaws)
      It is true that the devil is given more power in end times, and uses all forms of truth and twists it just a bit into a lie. It is good that you are vigilant. Many Blessings upon you.

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