Mary, Undoer of Knots


undoer of knots

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich writes in her diary that God desired to bring about His plan of redemption sooner but began with St. Joachim and St. Anne because, she says, they were the first to love one another as an icon of “Trinitarian love.”

The Trinity has been described through the lens of Theology of the Body as God giving Himself in perfect love as a free, full, faithful, and fruitful gift to the Son and the Son giving Himself in a perfect love as a free, full, faithful, and fruitful self-gift to the Father. The fire of this love between them IS the Holy Spirit.

According to Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich it was St. Joachim giving himself in perfect love to St. Anne and St. Anne receiving that self-gift and then giving herself in perfect love to St. Joachim, and the fire of this love between them is what became the means from which Mary was then immaculately conceived.

But the“Immaculate Conception”? How is that possible and why was it necessary?

For me, Mary’s Immaculate Conception is further proof that God is indeed outside of time and space.  He is pure spirit so He is unaffected by time and space which exists in a physical world.  It is logical that God could take the graces of Calvary and apply it to Mary as her soul was infused into her at the moment she was conceived in St. Anne’s womb. He created a perfect vessel, Christ makes all things new and she became the Under of Knots.

Perhaps it is in Mary’s unique capacity to be a reflection of the Holy Spirit that we can enter into the mystery of how she offers us a way in which to be most deeply permeated, espoused, and penetrated by the Holy Spirit.  Scripture tells us that Mary was cable of being so receptive, so open to the Holy Spirit that she was espoused and thus conceived of the Holy Spirit and we are to beg for this same gift of receptivity.

We are called to open ourselves so completely that the Holy Spirit can find a dwelling place in which He can espouse Himself and conceive His divine life within us.  We are called to bring life into the world, to make the incarnation known and visible by becoming the body of Christ.  We are called to receive, conceive and birth Christ into the world through our Fiat, our yes!

We are to be like living tabernacles, to be a monstrance from which Christ radiates to everyone who sees us.  We are to radiate Christ and to be a star of Bethlehem.

I have always desired this and because I am lazy and sinful I look for shortcuts.  I know how my own limitations are what keep me from being able to do these things yet I still desire to embrace this greatness that I have been made for.  That is why Marian Consecration is such a great gift to humanity.

We can learn so much when we contemplate how God’s plan for redemption began with Mary.  Mary was free to choose sin just as Eve was.  So God began with Mary because He was going to untie all of the knots tied by Original Sin. It began in the virginal garden of her womb.  Like Eden, Mary’s garden was without sin or blemish.  Just as Eve was given a choice to love, so too was Mary. Whereas Eve took from the tree of knowledge and closed herself to the will of God, Mary yes began when she “let it be done unto her” and the fruit of all knowledge, the Alpha and Omega was given to her.  Mary’s yes to the Holy Spirit conceived the very life within her that would become the word made flesh and in His sacrifice of love, mankind would be saved from their sins.

Mary is the Undoer of Knots, she is our hope because she was mere creature, and just as we are creature yet she did the will of God.  Mary was no different than Eve was before the fall in that both were immaculate and without sin.  Mary was completely capable of sinning and yet she did not.  Mary is our proof that we can give our yes to God and be transformed, permeated and espoused by the Holy Spirit.

If you desire a double or triple portion of the Holy Spirit, then consecrate yourself to Mary. She opens us wider than we can do on our own because she undoes the knot.  Mary was what God chose to start with when He set the plan of redemption for the world into motion.

He could have dropped Christ naked in the street, He could have chosen to come in flesh in any way He desired. Yet the plan He chose was to undo the knots of the fall way back in the beginning.

When Christ makes All Things New, He makes ALL THINGS NEW.

Mary, I ask that you intercede and show me how to open my heart to love like the Trinity and to help me to open myself in a bigger and more vulnerable way so that the Holy Spirit will find a home in my heart from which to bring life to the world in and through my yes to the Fathers plan. Mary, Undoer of Knots, pray for us.  Amen.

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  1. St louis de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary is a wonderful experience – his writing style is sometimes difficult. Blessed John Paul ii who followed deMontfort’s True Devotion gave us a magnificent teaching on Our Blessed Lady. For a simple commentary and less scholarly explanation of his teaching and deep love of Mary you will enjoy Monsignor Duggan’s bookket of 17 talks “Full of Grace” available on Kindle. As we prepare for the canonisation of the this great Pope, it may be a good time to delve back into his loving teaching on Mary. Happy Easter Season to all!

  2. After praying for my family at almost every Mass for conversion, healing and reconciliation for 15 years (there are 49 of them, and only around 9 of them are practicing Catholics anymore) I went in April (Feast of DIvine Mercy) to a Benedictine Abbey to discern God’s path for me, a deeper conversion for myself. What a month since then! I’ve asked Our Lady of Guadalupe to be my patroness in this new deeper mission, and pray a novena to her, plus a novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots. Trying to go to daily Mass as well. Already have seen little signs of fruit, forgiveness and God working in our family. Finding your amazing talks and books have been amazing. Thank you Christina. I’m buying your book for my 23 year niece (who has BPD and is living with a new age Reiki Master. She was baptized Catholic while in my care, left us to live on her own at 18, and now after 6 years on her own, is in much darkness. She has reconciled with her mother, which is excellent, but has admitted how depressed, worthless and even suicidal she feels. Her mom became Catholic 6 years ago, and is on FIRE. Together we are praying for this little one with all our heart.) Interesting thing about the boyfriend. He was open to Shelley blessing him with holy water. (Her house is wall to wall crosses, Jesus and Mary statues, and he showed no sign whatsoever of revulsion. One does wonder if this 20-something is as devoted to those new age practices, because unlike many devotees, he didn’t try to push his agenda on Shell. … Oh my goodness. I’m writing a chapter here… Sorry! I’m just so grateful to God for finding you! Bless you and your ministry. Pray for our little Amanda. When she comes back from her summer job, Shell and I are going to watch your one hour vid with her.

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