A Sneak Peek at Lisa Hendey's New Book "The Grace of Yes"


While the November 3 release date feels extremely distant, I’ve received permission from my awesome publisher Ave Maria Press to give you a “sneak peek” at the cover and descriptive copy for my new book The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living. So without any further ado, I present to you the new cover for this book:

The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Living Generously

The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Living Generously

The process of writing a book is truly a team effort, and even before this book is finished I feel compelled to thank my amazing editor Eileen Ponder and the hardworking team at Ave Maria Press. This includes the Marketing department, who has come up with the following descriptive copy for the project (please note that these words that follow below are theirs, not mine…).

While the process of writing a book is a true joy, most authors will share that the marketing of any book is a challenging task that makes most of us uncomfortable. I share this “sneak peek” today both to invite your continued prayers for the work that remains to be done and to ask you a favor. If you would like to support this book, the most helpful thing you could do (along with those prayers) would be to place a pre-order today for the book at Amazon or to share the cover or a link to this article on your social media profiles. Please know how grateful I am for the many ways in which you support my work! I hope this book will be a great blessing to you as you walk your own “Yes” path!

And yes, we are looking for a name for my friend the fish — I’ve been given a few great suggestions, but feel free to share yours in the comments below!


The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Living Generously

Catholic new-media personality and bestselling author Lisa M. Hendey is fueled by a lifelong passion for her faith. In The Grace of Yes, she guides readers through pivotal moments of her journey and the eight virtues that have helped her—and will help readers—learn how to say yes to God.

About the Book

Beloved Catholic blogger Lisa Hendey explores eight spiritual virtues that she believes are foundational to the Christian life.  In opening windows to pivotal moments of her own spiritual journey, she helps readers learn about belief, generativity, creativity, integrity, humility, vulnerability, saying no, and starting over, and shows how these virtues lead to generous living and the ability to joyously say yes to God. Hendey reflects candidly on real-life struggles: the identity adjustment of leaving a blossoming career to become a stay-at-home mom; the temptation of Divahood as her online celebrity grew; the freedom and opportunities of empty-nest status versus the middle-aged body’s pull to slow down; her encounters with spiritual community during treatment for cancer; and the contrast between the profound lingering grief she confronted at a Rwandan genocide memorial and the astounding willingness of survivors there to forgive. Readers encounter Hendey’s own struggles and successes while soaking up her characteristic warmth and good advice. Hendey provides questions for personal reflection and a prayer to close the exploration of each virtue.


The Grace of Yes is classic Lisa Hendey. Anyone seeking a path to more virtuous Catholic living should buy this excellent book!”

Randy Hain
Author of The Journey to Heaven


“Hendey shares her wisdom, her heart, and her experiences to remind us and refine us as we read. I give this book a resounding YES!”

Kristin Armstrong
Author of Happily Ever After


“The Grace of Yes shows why Lisa Hendey resonates with so many people around the world. With clear, accessible language, she teaches that the profound lessons of the Gospel can inform our daily lives.”

Carolyn Y. Woo
President and CEO
Catholic Relief Services

“The Grace of Yes urges you to ask big questions—and then to answer them in the small, loving actions of your daily life.”

                                                                     Kerry Weber
Author of Mercy in the City


About Author

Lisa M. Hendey is the founder of CatholicMom.com, a bestselling author and an international speaker. A frequent radio and television guest, Hendey travels internationally giving workshops on faith, family, and communications. Visit Lisa at LisaHendey.com or on social media @LisaHendey for information on her speaking schedule or to invite her to visit your group, parish, school or organization. Find Lisa’s books on her Amazon author page.


  1. Wow, I can’t wait until November to get my hands on a copy of this, Lisa! I’m intrigued and inspired already.
    Also, LOVE the cover. Simply love. The fish reminds me of my youngest – determined and spunky, facing life head on with joy.
    Congratulations in advance!

    • Oh Marilee – you are too sweet. I’m glad that you “get” the cover… I really love it too. The whole project is a new turn for me in my writing, so please pray with me that God continues to bless our work on this project. Thanks for your support!

  2. November feels very far away…can’t wait to see this in print. As for the fish, given the topic of your book, I suggest you call him “FIAT.”

    • You are so sweet Barb!! Love the fish name!! And you’re the first to call him a “he” – I like that, since this book is not just for Catholic moms, or women. “Fiat” is definitely going on the short list!

  3. Lisa, congratulations! The cover is very clever. I am very intrigued by the topics in your book. I love reading other people’s stories (biography being my favorite genre). I look forward to its release. I shared your Facebook post on my Facebook page and will share it on my blog soon.

  4. Jumping up and down, exciiiiiiiiiited.

    And may I suggest an alternate cover which is more of a (ahem) different beverage glass? No? #badlybehaved

    I love Barb’s fish name idea. Not only is it alliterative, it reminds us of Mary. 🙂 Go Barb!!!

    • Thank you Chaunie — I love it too! The designer was really able to capture the essence of what I was dreaming of when writing… Of course I never would have been so creative, but the excitement of the cover is just very joy-filled!

  5. This book will be on my Christmas gift list for several of my favorite people. Thanks, Lisa, for generously sharing your talent and your experiences, but most of all for sharing your real self, your spirituality that is contagious.

  6. I am so glad you shared your work in progress with us…but now the wait is going to seem like forever! Excited to read this new book and see where it goes.

  7. Congratulations, Lisa, on your beautiful new project. A new birth of sharing from the heart! It sounds wonderful. Every mom can relate to those struggles of raising children while sacrificing a career, trying to put together something new, trying to listen for the guidance of the Spirit in the midst of modern chaos. We must, ultimately, find ways to clear the cobwebs and say “yes” as we step into the darkness. I look forward to seeing the finished product!! Wonderful!

  8. Looks great! Congratulations! I don’t know how you do all that you do, I am in awe, and yes, I will go over and pre-order the book.

  9. I think you should name the fish Sarah, and have it jumping into a coffee cup!

    If I didn’t just pay my taxes and oil bill, I would pre order this NOW. But sadly,I will have to wait til pay day….

    prayers for you, the book, and Catholic Mom….I am so grateful to be a part of this “family” and so excited to read about YOU and your awesome faith!!!!! Congrats and God Bless!

  10. Charisse Tierney on

    Congratulations, Lisa! I can’t wait to read this. I love the “branching out to a wider audience” idea. As I watch my fifth child growing so quickly, I realize that I will soon be that “wider audience.” I find myself wanting to move beyond just reading about successful potty training, how to get my toddler to sleep at night, and how my faith fits into that world. As our children grow, so does our faith, and this book looks like a wonderful resource for understanding and managing our changing spiritual needs and desires. God is ever-changing and full of surprises. It’s so important to cultivate the receptivity needed to say yes to His will!

  11. Congrats Lisa! This is exciting! November better hurry!
    I love the cover – beautiful and simple. And I am going to second Barb’s name – Fiat. Very clever!

  12. Congrats, Lisa! I am anxious to read this book and will definitely pre-order a copy. Your Handbook made a big difference in my life, and I’m always excited to read your point of view…no doubt there will be gems in this new book, as well. Thanks for all your encouragement and for sharing your gifts with us…I am so blessed to “know” you! 🙂

  13. Lisa, your new book sounds absolutely wonderful, and I can’t wait to read it! It is not always easy to say YES to God in the moment, and I need all the help I can get to learn to be more virtuous. I am sure your new book will be filled with inspiration and encouragement for real life! I pray that these final months of the writing/editing/finalizing process go smoothly and the release in November is a HUGE success! God bless you in ALL that you do to glorify God!

  14. I’m going to pre-order this as soon as I finishing commenting! What a beautiful book, and I can’t think of a better person to write about generosity than you, Lisa, who have been so generous to us all! Prayers for the roll-out of this book. November, though, is an impossibly long time to wait for this 😉

  15. Go Lisa, Go Lisa, Go Lisa, Go!

    Interesting collective thoughts shared here about the cover. You know what I see? A fish out of water. Saying yes to Christ’s call has often left me (still?) scratching my head and asking, “Really? Me? Are you sure, Lord?” And I reluctantly say yes, and then immediately feel like a fish out of water — out of place, flapping and screaming and seeking to go back into my comfortable fishbowl.

    So your title is promising and intriguing: the GRACE of yes. It is/will be His GRACE to help me overcome those fish-out-of-water insecurities, empowering me to say yes with enthusiasm and confidence.

    Looking forward to it. Thank you for your continued mentorship. I am blessed to call you friend! XO

  16. Lisa – I am sooo excited about this book! This sounds like an excellent topic that so many of us can relate to in our lives. I pre-ordered the book but November seems like sooo far away!!! Congratulations on the new book and “branching out”.

  17. Kate Daneluk on

    The whole premise of this book fills me with hope and peace. God bless Lisa and AMP for spreading the message of Yes. Yes. Mary’s model of holiness!

  18. Lisa, I don’t know if you remember, but when we were chatting at the Dynamic Women of Faith Conference, I asked you if you ever step back, look at your life and ask: “really Lord? Is this really me?” The grace of “yes” leads us into a life we could never have imagined for ourselves. I am so looking forward to your book. My vote is for “fiat” – what a brilliant, appropriate name! Grace and peace, Lisa. Keep on doing what you’re doing 🙂

  19. shared this on all my social networks but I would like to repost this article on Association of Catholic Women Bloggers as well as my personal blog, joy of nine9..if you give me the permission

  20. Lisa, the cover is spectacular. I love the “fish out of water” concept and the graphics are very eye-catching. What’s more, though, is that some of the personal life experiences you have had resonate with me: discerning how to leave a budding career to be a stay-at-home mom (and I am currently in the stay-at-home mom phase of life), the temptation of celebrity status when building your writing and blogging identity (though I don’t have the status yet, it is still a far-off temptation for me). Many of the virtues you listed are so personally critical to my own life and often come up in spiritual direction and in daily prayer for me. Thank you for your hard work in writing this book! I will add it to my “to read” list. 🙂

  21. Dear Lisa,
    I look forward to reading this book. Whenever an author is willing to be vulnerable with hope about their failures and struggles, I am interested. I am particularly pleased to see some Rwanda content included. From what I have read of your work, your trip there seems like such a defining moment in your life.
    God bless you. God bless your book. And may He be glorified.

  22. Congratulations, Lisa! I’m very excited to read this book and to continue learning from you and your stories. Your fish seems to be doing just what you are doing with this book – gracefully swimming out of the comfort zone…experiencing the freedom and joy that comes with saying YES to God’s plan rather than your own. And and I love that he’s just a humble fish…a reminder that each of us – no matter how small our pond may be – has the power (and duty) to experience a life of serving and saying YES to God. Maybe that’s a lot to read into a cover design but I find it encouraging. And I can’t wait to read more! Thank you for saying YES and inspiring me to do the same.

  23. Lisa, you are a true inspiration. I can’t wait to read this book, and a strong launch would be so fitting for such a deserving writer. Please know I will be among those who will do whatever they can to help get the word out. Just let me know what would make the biggest splash. Blessings, Roxane

  24. Brian K Kravec on

    I will fulfill my duty as the only CatholicMom Dad to respond here! Lisa – you have my affection and prayerful support in ALL you do!

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