It’s the Way We Turn


I often fret that I’m doing it all wrong, this parenting stuff.  I’ve heard it said that we will have to answer to God for our children’s salvation or lack thereof.  With the goal being nothing short of heaven, it can feel like the pressure’s on…all the time.  So I try to cram it all in—the rosaries, the novenas, the gospel readings, the little virtue lessons here and there—must.use.every.teachable.moment.

And I’m sure all of that is good.  But pondering the picture below I figured out that my angst somewhat misses the point.

It's the Way We Turn 2


I was holding my son at the very beginning of his baptism.  He spontaneously lifted his arm toward the Infant of Prague statue behind me, and our picture was snapped right after I delightedly turned to move him closer to the statue.

Looking at the picture I perceived that my only role in that moment was to turn him closer to the image of Christ.  I came to understand that it is God’s call that will lead my children to salvation, if answered when they’re of age.

I can only increase their odds of saying yes to His will when they encounter Him.  My job is to find ways to gently turn them in the right direction.

It's the Way We Turn 1

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